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The 3 household appliances that consume the most electricity. They increase your bill enormously each month

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With the rising cost of energy, electricity bills skyrocket and eat up an ever larger portion of our budget. Discover the 3 household appliances that consume the most at home to save money.

You should know that on average, a French household has a hundred electrical and electronic devices. Impossible you say! Try taking a little inventory of what you have at home and you will see that it is the reality. Most families are over-equipped, which causes excessive energy consumption. Discover tips to lower your bill.

The 3 household appliances that consume the most electricity

Household appliances provide us with many services and it is impossible to do without them. Let’s see the podium of the most energy-consuming established by Ademe:

1- The oven and the hobs : it’s hot in the kitchen! It is the case to say it, to them of them these apparatuses consume approximately 2000 KWh/year. To reduce your consumption and therefore your bill, remember to choose pans with a size adapted to the diameter of the fires and to always cover them when you cook your dish. Similarly, favor convection ovens or combined oven/microwaves which reduce the cooking time of food.

2- Heating : if you are part of the 1/3 of French people who heat themselves with electricity, the bill is often high. So avoid overheating the parts. At night, close your blinds and shutters tightly and lower the thermostat, the ideal temperature for sleeping well is 18°C. But above all, don’t forget that only good insulation of walls and openings can significantly limit heat loss. An energy balance of your home and some work can be useful to implement lasting changes, such as installing a heat pump.

3- The air conditioning : and yes it’s not a surprise, like all thermal devices that generate cold or heat, it needs a large amount of electricity to operate. It is therefore better to try to limit its use and to turn to fans which are 20 times less energy consuming.

Just behind these devices come the dryer, the fridge-freezer, the washing machine, not to mention the hot water tank. So many devices that we absolutely need on a daily basis. Be aware, however, that the way we use them can change everything!

Air conditioning on the podium of energy-consuming devices

Air conditioning on the podium of energy-consuming devices. Source: spm

Some tips to reduce your electricity consumption

While the cost of energy has exploded in recent months, it seems important to think about its energy consumption. Are all our devices necessary, could we not use them less often or differently? Here are some tips to help you.

1- Do not leave devices on standby : we can never repeat it enough, a device when it is not completely switched off or unplugged consumes electricity. We have the impression that it is negligible and yet far from it, it amounts to an average of 86 euros per year for each household. So have the reflex to turn off everything, especially televisions and computers, electronic display devices such as microwaves and of course unplug your chargers. To make your life easier, use power strips equipped with a switch, on which you can connect several devices and you just have to press the button to turn everything off in a single gesture. It’s good for your finances and the health of your devices.

2- Pay attention to your lighting : certainly lighting is not the most important item on the electricity bill but it should not be neglected. Get into the habit of turning off the lights when you leave a room, do not turn on the lamps unnecessarily, place your tables and desks near your windows, so that you can take advantage of natural light for your activities. Of course today LEDs are the best domestic lighting solution because they illuminate better than traditional bulbs and allow substantial energy savings.

3- Pay attention to the maintenance of the washing machine : the washing machine and the dryer are among the most greedy appliances. Only run a machine when it is full and preferably during off-peak hours (depending on your electricity supplier). Do not hesitate to use the “eco” program which consumes less electricity but also less water. As for the dryer, use it only when necessary and prefer to dry in the open air as soon as possible.

4- Buy low energy appliances : all household appliances are provided with clear and precise labeling as to their energy characteristics. They are classified from A to G. Obviously, favor the purchase of an ecological device with low consumption, even if it is sometimes more expensive at the start, you will amortize it very quickly because the energy saving can go up to at 20%.

Take a good look at the energy label of household appliances

Take a good look at the energy label of household appliances. Source: spm

To fight against waste and overconsumption there are no small gestures, so adopt the right reflexes for the health of your wallet and the planet.

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