The 3 good actions to reduce your energy bill

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Fridges, electrical appliances, lamps… small changes can help reduce consumption and, ultimately, energy bills.

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Lhe down payment invoices make you dizzy, and many are those who no longer know where to turn to try to keep a minimum of control over these spiraling expenses. War in Ukraine or inflationary pressures, these are events over which the citizen has no control. But it is still possible, at its modest level, to somewhat heal the financial wounds and to take, at the same time, some small individual gestures which reduce consumption and which, together, can have an impact in the fight against global warming. climatic. And it happens at home, with our fridges, our electrical appliances, our car or our windows. And since many of us ask ourselves the question of “how”, The evening will regularly publish useful little tips, which cost nothing, or very little. A good gesture.

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