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The 10 Pokémon-like that we recommend… and which are not Temtem!

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While Temtem, an ambitious Pokémon-like, shows up, we have concocted an anthology of the best games of this style. If you love capturing adorable creatures to collect, train and make them stronger, this article is for you!


  • Chocobo Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy!
  • Ooblets
  • Monster Sanctuary
  • Monster Crown
  • Yo-Kai Watch
  • Nexomon: Extinction
  • coromone
  • Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth
  • Dragon Quest Monster Joker
  • Ni no Kuni: Revenge of the Sky Witch

Chocobo Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy!

Are you familiar with the universe of the Final Fantasy game series and do you have a collector’s soul? This 2007 game, which has been revamped up to date, is for you. Although it is mainly a rogue-like game with strategic combat, with dungeons to be explored repeatedly, Chocobo Mystery Dungeon can delight our seasoned collector’s instincts. You embody the mascot of the Final Fantasy license: a chocobo, that is to say an adorable yellow bird, which, while exploring dungeons, meets other well-known creatures from the Final Fantasy universe. These creatures are brought on board as a “buddy”…hence the name of the game! Available on Switch and PS4, this game knows how to satisfy both Final Fantasy fans and collectors with big hearts. On the other hand, if you are not familiar with this video game license, go your way.

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The 10 Pokémon-like that we recommend... and which are not Temtem!

This game, published and developed by the independent studio Glumberland, officially released only a few days ago, is a perfect mix between Stardew Valley and Pokémon. You have to take care of both your farm, but also your Ooblets, adorable little creatures with which you become friends. Very colorful and easy to access, this game has a unique element that differentiates it from Pokémon games: its battles. Finished the guilt of sending your adorable creatures to have their faces beaten to the knockout! Here, the Ooblets fight only by dancing. What joy and good humor in this universe where conflicts are settled with frenzied dance battles! Available on Switch, Xbox and PC (on the Epic Games Store), this somewhat eccentric game will intrigue lovers of cute and colorful universes, without the fuss.

Monster Sanctuary

The 10 Pokémon-like that we recommend... and which are not Temtem!

In addition to combat and collection, in this game your creatures are useful for you to explore new territories since you can ride them, and even fly. What was simply a convenience in Pokémon becomes an integral part of the gameplay, promoting a rather pleasant adventurer side. Developed by indie studio Dennis Sinner, this pixel art game lets you collect over a hundred monsters on your dangerous journeys. Exactly like Pokémon, you can train them and make them fight in order to meet the challenges of the Sanctuary. Often seen as a Metroidvania, this game promises above all to delight explorers and combat enthusiasts. Available on PC, Switch, Xbox One (Gamepass), and PlayStation 4, its pixelart charm, its combats and its environments to explore arouse the thirst for adventure.

Monster Crown

The 10 Pokémon-like that we recommend... and which are not Temtem!

Are you particularly nostalgic for the old 2D Pokémon games? Monster Crown can be a great find. This is a game very faithful to what a game called Pokémon-like embodies. The most striking differences with the Pokémon license are characterized by its universe and its history which are each much darker and more serious. You play as a trainer who must make a pact with creatures to defeat a power-hungry evil character. In this sinister environment, on an island called Couronne, you can collect a hundred creatures, but also merge them together to create your own chimeras. You also have the option to trade them or fight with them online. The story is also an important part of this game since it is up to you to determine how your whole adventure will end. Available on Switch, PC, Mac and Xbox, its retro game look straight out of the GameBoy Advance is aimed directly at players who grew up with Pokémon and are now adults. However, if the grim aspect puts you off a little, this game may not be a good choice.

Yo-Kai Watch

The 10 Pokémon-like that we recommend... and which are not Temtem!

If you want to immerse yourself in Japanese myths and legends, this game may arouse your curiosity. Arrived in manga form in 2012, Yo-Kai Watch is a particularly prolific video game license in Japan with more than 19 games released in 17 years. In Japanese folklore, “yokai” are spirits that haunt Japan and in this game you have the opportunity to befriend these paranormal creatures. You can spot, capture and merge the peaceful Yo-kai to create a powerful and original team to eradicate the evil Yo-Kai. However, his very childish appearance is clearly not for everyone. Available on 3DS since its official release in 2013 and on Switch since 2019, this game can charm players already keen on Japanese mythology, but also intrigue by its spectral hue those who wish to embark on an already well-established license.

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Nexomon: Extinction

The 10 Pokémon-like that we recommend... and which are not Temtem!

Very inspired by Pokémon, this game is the most faithful to the genre. We can even talk about traditional Pokémon-like since it brings together exactly all the elements of this famous license. Despite its general similarities to Pokémon, this game has managed to do well with its VERY many monsters to collect: more than 300. Nexomon: Extinction allows the player great freedom from the start of the game, whether in terms of exploration or in the choice of his starter. Indeed, you do not have the right to this famous Cornelian choice between 3 starters…. But plenty of monsters to choose from at the beginning of your adventure! The writing of the game is quite mature and does not skimp on comedy, even if it means breaking the fourth wall. However, the absence of a multiplayer mode is to be deplored. Available on Switch, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac, this game may be suitable for gamers who fancy a change from so-called “corridor”/”straight line” games and want a story at the center of the game.


The 10 Pokémon-like that we recommend... and which are not Temtem!

The nostalgia of the old Pokémon clings to you and does not want to let go? Do not panic, Coromon is a pixelart game that seeks to emulate the very first days of the famous license. A member of an organization named Lux ​​Solis, you must free your world, Velua, from a great evil. You can collect, train and fight over a hundred creatures with elemental skills. Although close to Pokémon, it has different elements such as the flexibility of the difficulty of the game to be adjusted according to your desires and a system of endurance which can vary your combat actions. Available on Switch, Android, iOS, Mac and PC, it is recommended for players who want to stay true to the basic ideas of Pokémon but are looking for greater control when battling between pets.

Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth

The 10 Pokémon-like that we recommend... and which are not Temtem!

It would be crazy to talk about the best Pokémon-like games without mentioning one of its biggest rivals: Digimon! Become a cyber detective or a powerful hacker in a world where the line between digital and real life is blurred. With more than 300 Digimon, you have the possibility to collect them, make them “digivolve”… But also “de-digivolve” in order to reach their best potential. The story is at the very heart of the game with lots of dialogue tinged with humor. Negative point, the characters are a little too talkative, which risks boring players venturing there. Available on Switch, PS4, and PC, this game may interest players who appreciate futuristic environments with a complete story, but also those who have always wanted to see the digimons make a name for themselves in video games.

Dragon Quest Monster Joker

The 10 Pokémon-like that we recommend... and which are not Temtem!

If you’ve always dreamed of embodying a super saiyan-looking trainer, the famous Dragon Quest license has a series of games solely oriented Pokemon-like. It’s a game like Pokémon, with the design of Toriyama, the author of Dragon Ball, what more could you dream of? Just like the Nintendo license, the player can collect hundreds of monsters, which they can merge and even ride to explore the different territories afterwards. The capture of the different specimens is less restrictive but offers more choices, both by the diversity of the bestiary and by the possibility of merging the creatures, which allows as much to unlock new monsters as to personalize those already possessed. With its turn-based combat system à la Final Fantasy, where two teams of monsters clash with visually very successful devastating attacks, the game combines the explosive side of its universe with the tactical aspect of its gameplay. . The game also offers the ability to compete online against other trainers, the perfect opportunity to show off your team’s style in the eyes of the world. The first 3 games are available on DS and 3DS, for lovers of this particular graphic universe.

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Ni no Kuni: Revenge of the Sky Witch

The 10 Pokémon-like that we recommend... and which are not Temtem!

Developed by the Japanese company Level-5 and the Ghibli animation studio, this adorable RPG has incredible graphics that transport us to a magnificent world. The player embody Oliver, an apprentice magician who can befriend the creatures that inhabit his universe, which he tames to collect them. They may have the opportunity to evolve provided the player feeds them the correct foods. The fights are, for their part, in semi real time, where our creatures can defend us using their different skills. Released on 3DS in 2013 and updated in 2019 on Switch, PS4 and PC, this game has found the right balance between the gentleness of the collector and the combativeness of the trainer by the right adaptation of the universe of the animation studio Ghibli, enough to provide a good initiation to this type of game in addition to being a choice alternative to Pokémon.

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