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That time Riddle broke a viewer’s glasses with his flip flops

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Riddle wouldn’t be Riddle if he didn’t grace us with his flip-flop throw as he entered the ring. But this atypical practice has its drawbacks. Once the flip flops are sent across the arena by the force of his legs, Randy Orton’s partner has no way of controlling where they land. And by dint of repeating the process, there had to be an accident. It’s Riddle himself who tells us about it via a podcast fromOutKick 360 :

“Once at NXT, we were doing a house show, so the audience was a little closer to the ring than usual. I walked in and swung my flip flops as usual. 99% of the time they go over the third rope and immediately fall back to the ground, but this time my left tong went between the second and third ropes. There was an elderly woman in the front row and the shoe came straight to his face and broke his glasses. I felt so bad, she couldn’t even see the fight.

In general, security takes care of getting my flip flops back because they are difficult to obtain, they are “premium” flip flops. But I felt so sorry and she took it really well, so I asked her, “Do you want to keep them? I’m so sorry.” and she kept them. I even made sure we went to fight in front of her during the match. I felt really bad.”

Who said going to see WWE was easy? Unless you take precautions…

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