Tests for the dismantling of aircraft

Among the axes on which the CATCH cell wanted to work, we found advanced manufacturing. “And here too, thanks to the companies with which the public has worked hand in hand, things are moving. We recently presented the arrival of the Aerospacelab satellite factory in Marcinelle, both Thy-Marcinelle and Industeel have extension projects on the banks of the Sambre, etc. All this while the mayor also recently revealed during of a press conference the desires of expansion of Nexans. »

In this field, the objective presented at the time was also to “develop the maintenance activity in military and civil aviation. And here too, the movement is underway. “A Sabca hall has been modified so that maintenance can be carried out there for Ryanair. Above all, there is the aircraft dismantling plant project, which, as part of the recovery plan, must be closed by 2026. As a reminder, most of the current European fleet dates from the 1970s and is less less in tune with technological advances. However, here we have both know-how in the aeronautical field and a significant metal recycling sector. The companies Groupe Comet and Sabca have therefore joined forces to work together on this factory, which will take place on the edge of the track in Gosselies. Currently, we are in a research and development phase, in order to find the best processes and the most appropriate technologies to use in this context. »

Sabca is a stakeholder in the case.
Sabca is a stakeholder in the case. -KF

According to our information, tests are in progress, on another site, therefore, as the Carolo complex will only come out of the ground soon.