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Test – Two Point Campus: management and campus go hand in hand – Geeko

Four years after the highly acclaimed release of Theme Hospital, Two Point now tackles running your own university with Two Point Campus. A daring bet, but won (very) hands down.

Two Point Hospital caused a sensation when it was released in 2018. Remake of the cult Theme Hospital released on PC 25 years ago, the management title from Two Point Studios sent us back to the head of these totally delirious and crazy hospitals in which we had to cure all sorts of imaginary illnesses. The pixelated graphics had then given way to pretty cartoon environments and the gameplay received a significant update in this 21st century reissue.

It was in this summer of 2022, in the middle of school holidays, that the British studio released the second opus of its management franchise. And this time, defibrillators and hospital beds give way to auditoriums and classrooms. Two Point Campus (TPC) is its name, puts you in the shoes of a university president and must do everything to ensure that your campus is the best in the county and that it provides the best training for students. It’s very simple, you will be able to create the school of your dreams!

If you’ve already spent dozens (if not hundreds) of hours playing the hospital version of Two Point, then this move to college certainly won’t be in uncharted territory for you. The game engine hasn’t really evolved, the gameplay mechanics are the same and the soundtrack hasn’t changed one iota. However, and you can imagine, the management of a hospital has nothing to do with that of a university, and this is what we will try to explain in this test.

More than a dozen courses are available to specialize your university. You can then choose to teach 4 subjects in your school.

From the well-being of your students to that of your employees, through the various classrooms and other sanitary facilities, Two Point Campus allows you to create your real little American university as we can see in the movies. Except that there, it is you who manage the establishment and are no longer a mere spectator. You don’t have notions of university management? Carefree. The developers have put together an ingenious tutorial to familiarize you with the different mechanics of the franchise.

Throughout the 11 scenarios, the title will offer you to discover the different mechanics, but also the ways to teach the 17 formations to your students, including the very inspired Magic formations (Hogwarts when you hold us), to the History of the Internet or Archeology. Each scenario will allow you to unlock new courses which can then be given in the previous universities that you have managed in history or in future ones. As you can imagine, each training allows you to unlock specific rooms that you will have to arrange as you see fit with accessories and decorative objects directly available in the shop, or purchasable with Kudosh, the in-game currency (don’t worry, no additional paid content in Campus, for now).

As in Hospital, the scenarios complement each other by completing different objectives allowing you to obtain one or more stars for the management of the establishment. Finally, note that a sandbox mode allows you to create your university from A to Z without the constraints of the objectives of the scenario.

But Two Point Hospital is usually not far away. As with the happy and well-trained doctors who treated patients more quickly and efficiently, you will have to worry about the well-being of your teachers, but not only. Students should also be happy and comfortable in their own skin. Who says satisfied students means better academic results, and who says better academic results means better reputation for your university. Student residence, entertainment, social activities or even necessary equipment and food, you will have to invest considerably so that your students feel good at the unif and do not have to register for remediation. And if they’re happy, then they pay their school fees and fill the coffers on campus. Moreover, like the Sims, students now have various needs to fulfill, such as form or hygiene, so that they study their subjects better and gain experience. To satisfy them more quickly, they will also send you requests, which generally consist of buying and placing a particular object. Also organize events to entertain them during the year when no class is scheduled.

The developers have even taken student customization a step further, as friendships and romances are now possible between them.

You must hire qualified staff to teach students and thus train them.

For their part, staff members, whether pedagogues, assistants and janitors, must also have their needs met. This will allow them to be more efficient at work, such as when working in the library, teaching students, or cleaning hallways. And since Two Point never does things by halves, all staff members are decked out with character traits that influence their work, such as hygienic negligence or very methodical work. Training them will also allow you to improve their performance.

As in reality, the title takes into account the school holiday periods and the school year. Two totally different gameplay phases, but both of which allow you to manage several aspects. It is during the holidays that you will, a priori, have to manage the construction and layout of your school. Classrooms, decorative elements or rest rooms, you will spend your hard-earned money during the year to beautify your school. But during this period, no student will tread the floors of the university, thus bringing you no income. It is also during this period that you will organize the schedule for the year with courses and events, but also the training you wish to provide on campus. In short, it is during the holidays that the majority of arrangements take place.

The construction and customization options of your university are very numerous, in order to obtain the campus of your dreams.

On the other hand, it is during the school year that the magic happens. The money is flowing, students are filling the classrooms and you find out where this or that layout isn’t ideal. You will also fulfill your objectives and will have to fulfill some missions addressed by the students and various NPC stakeholders. This phase is probably the least fun of the two, even if very appreciable too, and we will quickly press the button to fast forward time to quickly arrive at an event or at the end of the year.

Two Point Campus is a game of management, but also of construction. And it is clear that the cursor is pushed a little further than in the hospital version of the franchise. You now manage the interior and exterior of buildings and are now able to enlarge or reduce the interior surface as you wish. The TPC maps thus take on the air of totally modular zones according to our preferences. Either you favor a huge building for all of your formations, or you divide it into different blocks, each specializing in a formation. The construction aspect of the title is absolutely not redundant or restrictive. And since each campus is empty at the start of the scenarios, you can let your imagination run wild (as long as you stay within your means) and create the campus of your dreams.

Two Point Campus directly recovers what makes the charm of the series: its ultra-quirky humor.

Two Point is above all a trademark. Already at the time, Theme Hospital marked by the wacky side of its NPCs and its very cartoonish appearance. Two Point Hospital and Campus were no exception to the rule and it’s a pure delight to find this ultra-colorful and crazy environment. Each NPC has really fun animations and the classrooms are all designed to result in quirky animation. It’s a happy world, in which we quickly want to dive so much the misfortunes of the students seem to turn into a joke. Let’s go back to the “school year” phase during which we seem to have nothing to do. Take the opportunity to observe your students! You will not regret it …

The soundtrack is once again totally successful. The music sticks perfectly to the atmosphere and the universe, while the little voice in the radio is back to the delight of the players of Two Point Hospital. Fully translated into French, the game however lacks a French dubbing for the radio voices. But let’s be honest, a nice evolution has been made by the developers compared to TPH. French subtitles are available where we had to make do with English four years ago…


With Two Point Campus, the British from Two Point Studios have concocted a real gem of management, just like Two Point Hospital four years ago. Being the director of your own university is very different from being in a hospital, and that’s where you feel that they are two completely different games. The game mechanics have absolutely nothing to do with those of Two Point Hospital. Training offered by the university, classrooms and large audiences, but also the management of the school calendar, Two Point Campus is ultra-complete and will certainly keep you busy for hours. Despite a sometimes confusing interface, Two Point Campus has the merit of offering a very rich tutorial, familiarizing you with the different menus and management screens of your institute. The only downside is that students will occasionally share their problems and concerns with you, but it’s not always clear how to resolve or understand them. Not enough to spoil our gaming pleasure, and we are now delighted to know which management environment will then be adapted to the Two Point sauce.

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