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Test: The Last of Us Part I – Okay – PXLBBQ

The Last of Us Part I

Release date : 02 September 2022

Developer: Naughty Dog

The graphic overhaul of The Last of Us Part I hoists a 2013 PS3 title up to 2022 PS5 standards.

  • The graphic enhancement remains impressive
  • The myriad of options for the game
  • The VOSTFR, magnificent
  • Still a great game, with the Left Behind DLC
  • The price, aouch!
  • “Nihil novi sub sole” content level

No matter what, you always find a good reason to fight

The Last of Us is one of the few titles to have sent shivers down my spine as it begins its end credits., which haunted me for a long time. The release of the Naughty Dog title ahead of TLOU2 had already caused some cringe, and rightly so. Game of the PS360 generation, TLOU had already been entitled to its re-release on PS4 to become accessible to the greatest number and my faith, a PS5 patch would have been enough for us. But Naughty Dogs didn’t hear it that way and operated a real visual overhaul of his gamerenaming it in passing “The Last of Us Part 1”.

This intro…

It must be admitted that visually, the game therefore rises to the level of its sequel, making this duology a real whole, accessible at equal quality on the same generation of machine. It would probably have been more relevant to do it before the release of TLOU2, but let’s move on. If the graphic work is undeniable, despite the fact that it is less impressive than at the time – habit obliges – the full price is enough to shock the players. Strictly speaking, it would have been understandable for the upcoming PC version, but the pill will probably have a hard time passing on console.

As expected, The Last of Us Part 1 contains the “Left Behind” DLC telling the story of Ellie before her meeting with Joël, and a whole bunch of bonuses in the form of illustrations. A quick tour of the options allows us to choose between smooth or 4Kto use haptic feedback, to feel the vibrations during dialogues to amplify the sensations, but also – and I know that for most of you this is anecdotal – the possibility of playing with the original voices.

Not that the French dubbing is of poor quality, far from it, but some dialogues have much more impact in English. At the time, I was able to complete The Last of Us on PS3 before its official release and the implementation of French voices. And the famous final scene of the game had much more impact than in its French version. I remember being disappointed that I couldn’t have this option simply set up on PS4 without having to change the console language.

Visually, the game has clearly gained in qualityeven as the original TLOU set a new standard for quality at the time. Is this a good reason to buy it back at full price? For my part, this is not the case, even if I realize the enormous work that has been done on this new version. The Last of Us Part 1 remains a great game, with great characters and an amazing story.

I even preferred it to the second episode, without really knowing why. But in 2022, who hasn’t played it yet? Why didn’t it come out in compilation with The Last of Us Part 2, to form a single story? I regret that I seem to be reducing this new release to its sole price for a graphical “simple overhaul”, but what more can I say about a game where almost everything has already been said?