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Test – Temtem: A friendly alternative to Pokémon – Geeko

After more than two years of early access, Temtem finally comes out in its 1.0 version. The title largely inspired by the Pokémon license offers an interesting alternative, but not without problems.

Remember in January 2020, a studio based in Spain named Crema launched early access to a game that made a little headlines, a certain Temtem. The title is best known as a Pokémon-like, a game incorporating many concepts popularized by Nintendo’s license. A project may also have been born out of some frustration surrounding the Pokémon community, some of whose fans are tired of the simplicity and lack of care given to the latest games in the series. There is, in any case, a real demand for these kinds of alternatives, and Temtem is an RPG that ticks all the boxes. The title has recently been available in version 1.0 on PC, next-generation consoles and Switch.

Like an MMO, you constantly bump into other players.

After the creation of our character, we are directly launched into an adventure very similar to that of Pokémon. In a world where humans and creatures with various powers live in harmony, we embody an apprentice who will receive his first Temtem to choose from three different creatures at the professor’s. We can then go on an adventure and travel through towns and roads filled with Temtem breeders to fight. We occasionally have to participate in the challenges presented by the dojos and their master. Finally, the scenario will make us cross paths with a team of antagonists with dark designs. Needless to say, fans of pocket monsters will not be out of place. Note however that the title is not content to be a single player game and offers an MMO aspect and cooperation. It is also mandatory to have an internet connection to play Temtem.

Temtem will offer us to build a team of six creatures among the 160 available in the game. Here too, the similarities are numerous. You encounter these creatures while walking through tall grass or in caves, then you have to catch them using Temcards once they are weakened. All Temtem have multiple abilities, one or two elemental types, and sometimes even the ability to evolve. The types will be particularly important since they remain a pillar of the combat system by offering weaknesses and resistances. It is essential to build a varied team that can counter all the elements.

The combat system offers ingenious ideas.

Despite all these similarities, the fights offer a few small ideas that bring a little freshness to the whole. These always take place in two against two and turn-based. The attacks here cost stamina points depending on their power. Once your Temtem’s stamina is reduced, it can exceed the limit in exchange for hit points and the inability to fight on the next turn. A risk that can be decisive. Certain skills also provide additional effects when a Temtem of a certain type is the second active character.

The formula still works just as well, building a good team requires a little thought and the title leaves freedom to choose our favorite creatures. The adventure turns out to be very long, with several large areas to explore, numerous side quests and activities, an interesting endgame and competitive play. We could all the same reproach him for remaining too close to his model from which he cannot detach himself. The majority of the concepts present in Pokémon are taken up almost as they are in Temtem, which somewhat prevents the title from developing its own identity. It still offers an original universe and creatures with successful designs, not to mention a slightly higher difficulty than the games of its model.

The different islands offer different atmospheres.

Temtem is artistically very compelling. The world is colorful and detailed, and is accompanied by lively music that invites you to travel. But unfortunately it suffers from many technical problems. It should already be noted that the Switch version is graphically inferior to the other versions of the title. If this is not particularly surprising (Temtem having been developed primarily for the PC and new generation consoles), the title also suffers from many fluidity problems outside of combat. Fluidity problems which are perhaps caused by the entirely online aspect of the game and the display of many players everywhere in the environments. Let’s also not forget the very many diverse and varied bugs as well as crashes from time to time, ending up convincing us that the title should perhaps have remained in early access a little longer.

If that wasn’t enough, Temtem has the good taste to offer us mechanics worthy of free-to-play. In particular microtransactions to obtain virtual currency and be able to buy cosmetic items or even a Battle Pass and its paid premium option, the addition hurts for a game that already costs €45 to purchase. However, the title offers a very good dose of content, with a long adventure and large areas to explore located on different floating islands. However, do not count on a very thrilling scenario. The plot struggles to take off and is also not helped by a very simplistic staging consisting of 3D models behind a text window.

The title still offers a convincing adventure, borrowing a formula that has already proven itself. Temtem is an ambitious game that doesn’t always come out with the honors despite a great generosity that will appeal to fans of monster collection RPGs.


After more than two years of early access, Temtem is coming to both PC and consoles in version 1.0. The title offers an alternative to the cult license that is Pokémon. Developed by a studio based in Spain called Crema, the project was launched at the start of 2020 and has made a place for itself in the hearts of fans of the Nintendo license. It must be said that Temtem is greatly inspired by it, the plot takes place in a world where various creatures live in harmony with humans. In the skin of a customizable character, we go on an adventure after obtaining our first Temtem. We then have to travel, capture Temtem to build our team and fight many breeders on the roads. Many Pokémon concepts are found in this game, even if it brings some original ideas. This is particularly the case of the very similar, but ingeniously overhauled combat system. The title offers a very long and sometimes full-bodied adventure, but also a ton of things to do on the side. It is also artistically very successful despite many bugs and technical problems, especially on the Switch version. It is also necessary to underline the obligation to be connected to the internet, the game offering an MMO aspect, as well as the harmful presence of microtransactions and battle pass. Temtem is still an ambitious game and a good alternative to Nintendo’s license despite its many problems.

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