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Test – LEGO Brawls: a fun alternative to Smash Bros – Geeko

The LEGO license now comes in a fighting game. LEGO Brawls is however not developed by Traveller’s Tales but by Red Games, a studio specializing in mobile games.

Distributed in Europe by Namco Bandai, LEGO Brawls will have been much less talked about than the previous productions of Traveller’s Tales. It must be said that the concept is very different since it is not a cooperative action game but a fighting game with Smash Bros sauce. Given the DNA of the studio, one would have thought that the project would have a hard time seducing. If everything is not perfect, LEGO Brawls is still a very attractive title. Explanations.

So yes, let’s not be afraid to say it, LEGO Brawls is indeed a copy of Smash Bros, which has the misfortune to come out at the same time as Multiversus. And the enormous disadvantage of being “paid”. You will still have to pay € 39.99 for the basic version of the game, while Multiversus is offered free of charge… The advantage is that with this economic model, you skip the paid battlepass. But the community is likely to be much smaller. And we have to admit, if the game is nice, we don’t really feel that it deserves its 40€…

Visually, the game is decent, but never impresses.

Know this before you start, LEGO Brawls does not offer a single player mode, or challenges for that matter. You will be entitled to a very brief tutorial before starting, then the choice between two game modes, the Party mode which allows you to play locally or online with your friends, and the main game mode, in which you will have to choose a character, vote for a card, then face strangers on it. However, the lack of a single-player mode isn’t that bad for the title since the game mode playlist formula works very well. There are various levels inspired by several LEGO universes, from Ninjago to Jurassic World through the medieval universes of the franchise. Several game modes are offered with “free-for-all” a kind of battle royale in which each player has three lives and only one is declared the winner at the end of the game, a deathmatch in free-for-all, in which player with the most kills wins, team zone checks and team matches. Each card also has its specificities. In the world of Jurassic World, it will for example be possible to make T-Rex in the middle of the map your ally. Fun!

Customization allows for a very varied cast.

On the gameplay side, the title is very close to a Smash Bros with however one major difference: the gameplay is oversimplified here. It is possible to jump, to kick (with a single keystroke), and to slide. That is just about everything. By collecting bonuses on the map, you will unlock special abilities for your character. For example, you can call a raptor, ride a horse to charge your opponents, shoot a machine gun or ride a motorcycle… Fun special attacks that wreak havoc on enemy ranks, but that you can only use once a broken cube.

In general, the fights tend to be very messy: you don’t see much of what is happening on the screen and players often just hit the button. It’s the special moves that bring depth to the gameplay, but there are very few power-ups on the battlefield, and above all, once you’ve grasped the mechanics of the game, you spend your time trying to to get them back…

The action can quickly become very confusing.

Too simplistic in its gameplay, LEGO Brawls is nonetheless very fun and manages to seduce in particular with its progression system. With each match, you will earn bricks that will unlock cosmetic elements – new weapons, new blocks to create THE character of your dreams. There are basic models, but it is possible to create characters from scratch, based on the hundreds of cosmetic elements recovered. It is also possible to customize its armament and special moves. And this is where the game shows its enormous potential since the possibilities are practically endless. Unlocking new items is also part of the fun.

So yes, we would have liked a little more complex gameplay, a little more madness in the levels – that said already very good! – and an achievement that fills our eyes a little more. Yes, LEGO Brawls should have been offered in free-to-play format, or at least at a lower price, but the title from RED Games is still very good entertainment and undoubtedly one of the games of the season. for the little ones.


Quite openly inspired by Smash Bros in its concept, LEGO Brawls is a very fun fighting game, focused on multiplayer, which has the enormous advantage of being a title that is both very accessible and very fun to play. If we blame it for its lack of depth compared to Smash Bros, it’s hard not to be seduced by its playlists which make various matches follow one another, its character creation system and its progression system. It is a real pleasure to face his friends in totally delirious matches. The problem is that in terms of gameplay, we quickly got around to it. At 40€, the bill is therefore salty for a title which could very well have been offered to us in the form of a free-to-play, and which will obviously suffer from the comparison with Multiversus.

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