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Tesla installed a swimming pool in a charging station!

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Tesla has no shortage of ideas for livening up the surroundings of charging stations for its vehicles. Latest innovation: a… swimming pool!

What to do during the few minutes needed to recharge your Tesla? It is always possible to stay in the car and enjoy the games and other activities available on the large touch screen. You can also go out for a coffee at the local vending machine, if there is one. At the Supercharger station in Hilden, Germany, the builder simply decided to install a swimming pool!

Ten minutes in the water, no more

This station has 40 charging stations, including 8 Superchargers up to 150 kW and 32 up to 320 kW. It is also the first German station able to accommodate vehicles that are not Tesla, thanks to the installation of CCS. Drivers will find a bakery there to enjoy pastries, sandwiches and other pizzas, but there is also this swimming pool.

According to the Tesla Welt podcast, this installation was designed by the manufacturer on a container basis, which makes it easy to transport (the German weather being less clement than elsewhere, no need to open this pool all year long). ‘year…). Up to four people can paddle there at the same time, for a maximum of ten minutes.

It is indeed necessary to count the time necessary to dress the swimsuit, then to go out and dry to find his car ready to roll. The swimming pool, which is open until August 28, also contains floating cushions in the colors of the manufacturer.

Tesla has also installed in another German station a “cube lounge”, a kind of automated store where drivers find coffee machines and other products, as well as a place to rest and a bathroom.