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TCL Nxtwear S: we played the PS5 without TV or screen

We were able to discover a new project on the TCL stand, the Nxtwear S glasses. Without augmented or virtual reality, they allow you to replace a television if necessary. Convenient for a small game on the PS5.

Source: Robin Wycke – Frandroid

Being able to play the PS5 simply by wearing glasses is TCL’s promise at IFA with its NXTWear S.

Glasses with micro Oled screens

No augmented or virtual reality here, but two micro Oled 1920 x 1080 pixel screens placed in front of the eyes. For your brain, it’s a giant screen a few meters away. The glasses also incorporate a sensor at the forehead to detect the user.

Source: Cassim Ketfi – Frandroid

Obviously, on the show, the experience is not ideal, but it works. A simple USB-C cable connects the glasses with the HDMI port of the PlayStation 5. We still guess an adapter to power the glasses, and connect the HDMI.

On the stand, we were able to play a game of Dirt 5 on the Sony console with the glasses on. Small flat in use during this demo, the lower lower part went out of my vertical field of vision. On a PS5, I couldn’t see the in-game console menu, which is on the bottom border of the image. Let’s put that on the account of a bad adjustment of the specimens present on the event.

They are light and comfortable

Since these are not VR/AR glasses, the design is much simpler. As the connection is wired, no battery to integrate.

TCL Nxtwear S IFA 2022 photos 5
Source: Robin Wycke – Frandroid

As a result, the glasses are quite light. Our test session was rather short, but we can imagine being able to wear them for several hours without difficulty. The question of the headache facing OLED screens glued very close to the eyes remains unresolved.

The sound was good enough to enjoy our car racing despite the sound of the living room around. In a silent room, we might have identified some limitations to this solution, however.

No insulation

Unlike a VR headset, you’re not immersed in the gaming world and are always fully aware of your surroundings. It is often a fear of consumers with this kind of product, the risk of isolating themselves from other members of the household. Here, even if part of the field of vision is occupied by the video game or the film, you can see what is happening around you on the periphery.

By removing the front cover, the image offered by the screens becomes transparent, which further removes the insulation from the user.

A Kickstarter to launch the marketing

On the stand, TCL told us to aim for a launch before the end of the year for its glasses, with a price around 400 dollars.

The manufacturer wants to go through operators to market its glasses. A project will also be launched on Kickstarter to pre-order the glasses.

Doing the demo on a PS5 is very smart

TCL clearly had a great idea when they demoed their glasses with a PS5. First of all, it marks a contrast between the large size of the console and the lightness of the bezels. Above all, it is obviously an extremely popular machine.

The manufacturer has obviously confirmed that its product is also compatible with Xbox or Nintendo Switch. This is only a demo.

But there is a small flaw

Well, hard not to smile on the other hand in front of the obligation for TCL to provide reloading sessions. Not for the glasses, but for the DualSense controllers, known to have to be recharged (too) regularly.

TCL NXTWear S 13
Source: Cassim Ketfi – Frandroid

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