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Tattoo artist wins lawsuit against WWE and 2K

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The story dates back to April 2018 when Randy Orton’s tattoo artist Catherine Alexander officially launched a lawsuit against WWE and 2K for using Randy Orton’s tattoos without his permission (details here).

A copyright issue since WWE and 2K believed Randy Orton owned his own tattoos and considered using them fair use as it was for the purpose of recreating Orton in a way realistic. On the other side, the artist wanted an agreement for the use of his designs. 2K Games offered $450 in 2009 when it reported the issue, but declined it.

This week, the lawsuit between the tattoo artist and 2K (including WWE, Take-Two Interactive, 2K Games, 2K Sports, Visual Concepts and Yukes) finally came to an end. The trial took place under the listening of the jury and even Randy Orton was summoned to testify and give his version. The jury needed three hours and 26 minutes to find in favor of Catherine Alexander. She therefore managed to win her case against all these companies.

The jury has determined that Alexander will be entitled to $3,750 in damages. Since none of the game’s profits resulted directly from the inclusion of her tattoos, it was also determined that she was not entitled to any other financial compensation. What is not yet known in this story is whether the defendants will attempt to appeal the jury’s decision. A story that will still have to be watched closely.

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