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Tamara Falcó announces engagement: Netflix’s Marquise plans next big Spanish aristocratic wedding

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The Marchioness of Griñon made a fiery statement to Íñigo Onieva on her Instagram profile, accompanied by a photo that suggests the organization of a wedding. Tamara Falcó has experienced sudden media coverage internationally, since posting her own reality show on Netflix.

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“The Exquisite Marquise” Says Yes to Iñigo’s Engagement Request

Influencer, fashion designer and even chef, Tamara Falcó is getting married. The 6th Marchioness of Griñon is an essential personality in Spain. With 1.3 million followers on Instagram, she is certainly the most followed noblewoman on social networks in Spain. In 2019, the marquise won the 4th season of MasterChef celebrity version, a program in which the niece of King Juan Carlos and the Marchioness of Cubas, wife of his cousin Álvaro Falcó, are currently participating.

Since August 4, 2022, the notoriety of Tamara Falcó has gone beyond the borders of her country, following the posting of the series Tamara Falcó, exquisite marquise. This docu-reality series follows the Marquise’s daily life in her life with Iñigo, her professional projects and her social events. The life of this 40-year-old aristocrat interests Spaniards for many reasons. In addition to being from a large family of nobility by his father, on the maternal side, his family ties are not lacking in interest.

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Tamara Falcó announced her engagement to her Instagram followers

Tamara is the daughter of the 5th Marquess of Griñon and Isabel Preysler, a personality known for her marriages. From 1971 to 1978 she was the wife of singer Julio Iglesias, with whom she had three children, including singer Enrique Iglesias. From 1980 to 1987 she was the wife of Carlo Falcó, with whom she had a daughter, Tamara. In 1988, she married Miguel Boyer, former Minister of Economy and Finance, of whom she has been widowed since 2014 and with whom she had a daughter, Ana.

Iñigo Onieva (fiancée of Tamara), Isabel Preysler (mother of Tamara), Tamara Falcó, 6th Marchioness of Griñon, Ana Boyer (half-sister of Tamara) and tennis player Fernando Verdasco, husband of Ana Boyer in November 2021 for Marquise’s 40th birthday party (Photo: Shutterstock/ISOPIX)

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This September 22, Tamara Falcó, who inherited the title of Marquise de Griñon from her father, who died in 2020 from coronavirus, announced good news to her followers. “I’m very happy, that’s in a nutshell…”immediately warns the aristocrat. “Before meeting you, Íñigo, I felt complete and happy, but when our paths crossed my life took a totally unexpected turn for the better. » To accompany her declaration of love, the marquise published a photo in which we see her kissing Iñigo and presenting an original engagement ring on her finger. Just a week ago, Hola was talking about a rumored engagement proposal that the Marquise denied.

“I leave worldly perfection behind me for that which for me is much more valuable: love, a union that we hope God will bless with his light and which, although not free from difficulties, is built on the trust and affection we profess for each other. » The marquise declares that she feels “as the luckiest woman on the planet”.

“Thank you for offering to be my partner for life”she said to her fiancé. “The yes that I gave you, I repeat it and I leave it in writing, so that you never forget it. » Under its publication already “liked” by 160,000 people, many relatives and anonymous people sent their congratulations to the young engaged couple.

The wedding will most certainly be one of the most worldly to come to Spain. Below the Instagram post, we can see the names of some of these prestigious friends who reacted to the news. Princess Carla of Bulgaria wrote “You deserve the best. I wish you immense happiness”. The daughter-in-law of King Simeon II is followed in her congratulations by Princess Alessandra of Hanover. Princess Falvia of Hohenlohe-Langeburg and Hereditary Princess Cleopatra of Œttingen-Spielberg have already sent their virtual congratulations.

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Tamara Falcó studied at Lake Forest College in Illinois, then joined the prestigious Marangoni fashion school in Milan and the University of Navarre, Spain. Enrique Iglesias’ half-sister has become a full-time influencer and socialite. In 2013, she released her first reality show on the small Cosmopolitan TV channel. And it was in 2019 that his notoriety exploded with his participation and his victory at Masterchef. She also found her new calling. Today, she has become a chef and wants to open a restaurant in the family palace, El Rincón. Although she was not her father’s eldest, she was the one who inherited the title of Marquise de Griñon, in accordance with her father’s wishes recorded in his will. In Spain, the transmission of titles of nobility is not automatic and must be validated by the Ministry of Justice after examination of each application.

YouTube video

Iñigo Onieva, 33, is a car designer and owner of the nightclub Lula The Club. In the Netflix series, the marquise speaks openly about her relationship with her fiancé and the rumors of infidelity that regularly make the headlines in the Spanish tabloids, of which members of the nobility are recurring protagonists. They met in early 2020, but their relationship started a few months later.

We already suspect that the wedding will take place at El Rincón Palace, located in Aldea del Fresno, in the Community of Madrid. In addition to her father’s title, the Marquise inherited this palace, a 19th century fortress that has 30 rooms and more than 120 hectares of land.

The title of Marquess of Griñon was created in 1862 by Queen Isabella II of Spain in favor of María Cristina Fernández de Córdoba, wife of the Count of Villariezo and daughter of the Duke of Arión. The 1st Marquise died childless in 1917. Her heir was her great-nephew. Tamara’s father, 5th Marquess of Griñon, inherited the title from her grandfather (her mother’s father) in 1955. The title then passed to the Falcó family. Tamara’s father was also the son of the Duke of Montellano. If Tamara inherited the title of Marquis de Griñon, her older half-brother is Marquis de Castel-Moncayo and her half-sister Isabel is Marquise de Mirabel, also widow of the Marquis of Almodóvar. Tamara’s father has been married four times. Isabel Preysler is his second wife. He had two children with the first, two children with the third and no children with the last. Tamara therefore has 4 half-siblings on her father’s side and 4 half-siblings on her mother’s side.

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