You are currently viewing Tactics Ogre: Reborn will arrive on PC, Playstation and Switch on November 11, 2022 – PXLBBQ

Tactics Ogre: Reborn will arrive on PC, Playstation and Switch on November 11, 2022 – PXLBBQ

Square-Enix has announced that OGRE TACTICS: REBORNa reimagined edition of the classic tactical RPG on PSOne, will be available on November 11, 2022 on Playstation Switch consoles and PC.

OGRE TACTICS: REBORN features reworked high-definition graphics, updated combat systems, and massive sound improvements, including fully-dubbed cutscenes in English and Japanese, recreated sound effects, and re-recorded live music composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto. Both old-time fans and the next generation of gamers will find a whole new experience with all these improvements.

OGRE TACTICS: REBORN is set in the Valeria Islands, jewels of the Obero Sea, After years of strife, one man finally rises to end the war: Dorgalua Oberyth. Known as the Dynasty King, he brought peace and prosperity to Valeria for nearly half a century. But when he dies, a civil war breaks out and plunges the islands of Valeria into a bloody struggle between three factions. In OGRE TACTICS: REBORN, players follow the story of a young man, Denam Pavel, who finds himself at the heart of the conflict. Although he seeks freedom and justice, players will quickly discover that even the noblest of goals require making impossible decisions.

Better than ever, this cult tactical RPG is reborn to allow players to immerse themselves in the world and the intrigue of OGRE TACTICS. In OGRE TACTICS: REBORN, players will take control of a team of units on the battlefield and take advantage of the turn-based combat system to act strategically and gain the advantage over their enemy. As they progress, they will be able to expand their team, try out various classes, weapons, magic, and skills, and make crucial decisions that will affect events at various points in the story.

Improvements and new features include:

  • Remastered graphics that enhance the distinctive visual style of the original while remaining true to it;
  • Fully voiced cutscenes in English and Japanese;
  • An orchestral re-recording of the game’s soundtrack;
  • Various general improvements, such as:
    • A reinvented combat system,
    • A redesigned level management system,
    • A reworked AI,
    • A simplified and improved interface.