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SYNDUALITY, the brand new sci-fi shooter from Bandai Namco – PXLBBQ

Bandai Namco Announcement SYNDUALITYa game part of a recently announced transmedia sci-fi franchise developed by Game Studio. SYNDUALITY is a sci-fi shooter set in a dystopian futuristic world where humans and AIs must coexist and cooperate to survive. The game will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

SYNDUALITY is set in the year 2222, years after a mysterious toxic rain called “Tears of the New Moon” has wiped out most of humanity and spawned deformed creatures that hunt the populace. In the midst of this disaster, humans are forced to build an underground refuge named Amasia where they discover and begin collaborating with forms of artificial intelligence called Magus.

In the game, players will embody the Drifters, people who make a living by collecting AO crystals, a rare resource available on Earth. In this quest, they must face xenomorph creatures known as Enders. They will be able to count on Magus, their AI partners, to guide them throughout their journey. Magus will help them in battles, orient them, give clues and warnings. All the while, players will develop and strengthen the bond between the character and the AI. Gameplay and combat in SYNDUALITY centers around Cradle Coffins, weaponized and customizable vehicles that players will use on the surface. They will be able to change the appearance of the vehicle, the weapons and adapt it to their own style of play. SYNDUALITY will also be played in multiplayer with other Drifters joining players to help them in their missions or turning against them, hindering their progress or fighting to plunder their precious resources.