You are currently viewing Sweden’s royal family resplendent at their grand performance dinner at the Royal Palace

Sweden’s royal family resplendent at their grand performance dinner at the Royal Palace

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The Royal Palace in Stockholm was celebrating this Thursday, September 29. King Carl XVI Gustaf was hosting his annual Grand Representation Dinner, attended by members of his family. High dignitaries, association representatives and representatives from all sectors were invited to this most prestigious dinner.

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Queen Silvia absent from this representation dinner

On Thursday September 29, 2022, government officials, members of parliament and the diplomatic corps were invited by the King of Sweden to share a dinner at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. This representative dinner also welcomed representatives from the worlds of science, sports, business, culture and people that the members of the royal family met during their trips to Sweden.

Personalities from all walks of life were invited to the Palace, as here Charlotte Kalla, triple Olympic medalist in skiing and her companion, Fredrik Karström, insurance broker (Photo: Jonas Borg/Kungl. Hovstaterna)

This representative dinner is an opportunity to thank the main actors of the country and those who have crossed paths with the royal family during the year. It is then a question of impressing them. The evening begins with the greeting of family members. King Carl XVI Gustaf, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia lined up to greet each guest one by one. After the greeting of the royal family, the guests were directed to the ballroom where the large, richly decorated tables were set.

The Royal Family of Sweden arrives and positions themselves to greet each guest (Photo: Robert Eklund/Stella Pictures/ABACAPRESS.COM)

Queen Silvia suffers from a cold and was unable to attend dinner. Crown Princess Victoria and her sister-in-law, Princess Sofia, have worthily represented the fairer sex of the family. The heir to the throne wore a Jenny Packham evening dress, a brand much loved by the Princess of Wales, and she wore the Boucheron laurel wreath tiara on her head. Princess Sofia wore an outfit from Zetterberg Couture, with her traditional palmette tiara that she received from her in-laws on the occasion of her wedding.

Princess Sofia wears her wedding tiara (Photo: Jonas Borg/Kungl. Hovstaterna)

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September 2022 performance dinner menu at the Royal Palace in Stockholm

At the table, King Carl XVI Gustaf was seated next to Helena Norlén, the wife of the Speaker of Parliament, and Martina Balunová, Ambassador of Slovakia. Crown Princess Victoria was seated next to Andreas Norlén, Speaker of Parliament, who escorted her to the table. To her right, Victoria was able to chat with Lautaro Pozo Malo, Ambassador of Ecuador.

King Carl XVI Gustaf in discussion with Helena Norlén, wife of the President of the Riksdag (Photo: Jonas Borg/Kungl. Hovstaterna)

Prince Daniel, who escorted the Slovak ambassador to the table, was seated next to her. To his left, Prince Daniel had the Minister of Primary Education, Lina Axelsson Kihlblom.

Princess Sofia of Sweden with Andreas Norlén, Speaker of the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) (Photo: Jonas Borg/Kungl. Hovstaterna)

Prince Carl Philip had on his right the Minister for Public Administration, Ida Karkiainen, whom he accompanied to the table, and on his left he had the wife of the Speaker of Parliament. Finally, Princess Sofia was brought to the table by Supreme Court President Anders Eka, who sat to her left. To his right was the Speaker of Parliament.

The guests are seated at the long table in front of dishes offered to the king for his 50th birthday (Photo: Jonas Borg/Kungl. Hovstaterna)

On the menu for this performance dinner, there was Jerusalem artichoke terrine, hazelnut butter, truffle and hazelnut vinaigrette as a starter. The guests then tasted a Norwegian hake poached in milk, mussels, cockles, jalapeño pepper and braised fennel. The main course was a Scanian roast duck, pumpkin, chanterelles, ginger and lemon sauce. For dessert, there were autumn raspberries from the island of Gotland, a biscuit with bitter almonds, roses and hibiscus.

The King of Sweden greets his guests (Photo: Jonas Borg/Kungl. Hovstaterna)

The tableware used at the evening was a gift from parliament and government to the King, on the occasion of his 50th birthday in 1996. The tableware is from Hackman-Rörstrand Gustafsberg and designed by Karin Björquist. The glassware is by Kosta, designed by Sigurd Persson. The glasses were given to the royal couple in 1976 as a wedding present by parliament and the government.

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