You are currently viewing Surprise outing to Mallorca: King Felipe invites his mother and aunt to the restaurant with Queen Letizia and their daughters

Surprise outing to Mallorca: King Felipe invites his mother and aunt to the restaurant with Queen Letizia and their daughters

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Dining out is one of those moments of pleasure enjoyed by the Spanish royal family when they are on vacation in Majorca. This Friday, August 5, King Felipe took his wife, their two daughters, his mother and his aunt to one of his favorite restaurants on the island.

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A Friday night at the restaurant for the Spanish royal family with Princess Irene

Royal family holidays are different from those of all other monarchies. It’s not really a total rest period. Every day, King Felipe and Queen Letizia still have to carry out one or another official engagement, forcing them to interrupt their family activities. For Letizia, the activities are mainly idleness with her daughters.

Infanta Sofia, Queen Emeritus Sofia, King Felipe, Princess Leonor, Princess Irene of Greece and Denmark and Queen Letizia exit (Photo: Shutterstock/ISOPIX)

In view of her new tanned complexion, one can imagine that Queen Letizia also likes to rest in the sun. For King Felipe, the holidays in Majorca are the time for him to find his sailboat, the Aifos, with which he takes part in several regattas during the week, within the framework of the Copa del Rey.

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King Felipe and Queen Letizia are very fond of this fish and shellfish restaurant in Mallorca

Then there are family outings! Whether at the market, on the port or in the restaurant, the members of the royal family agree to short family outings at least once or twice during each holiday period. This year, a first trip took place this Friday. King Felipe, Queen Letizia, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia were spotted leaving the Ola del Mar restaurant, the family’s favorite on the island. King Felipe was accompanied by his mother, Queen Sofia, who herself had invited her sister, Princess Irene of Greece.

Queen Sofia holds the hand of her granddaughter, Infanta Sofia, and the arm of her son, King Felipe, as they leave their favorite restaurant in Majorca (Photo: Shutterstock/ISOPIX)

The paparazzi in Mallorca were warned of the presence of the royal family inside this fish and shellfish restaurant, once Felipe was already installed. The photographers therefore waited until the end of the meal to photograph the exit of the family from the establishment.

The last time Queen Emeritus Sofia was seen with her two granddaughters was more than nine months ago. Queen Sofia attended the Princess of Asturias Awards Ceremony attended by the Princess of Asturias and Infanta Sofia last October.

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