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Supermarket chain employees warn: ‘We don’t want to sell spoiled products’

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Makro Eke staff fear for the food safety of certain products, especially fish. He urgently asks that this situation be taken in hand, for fear of selling dangerous products to customers.

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Dtwo employees of Makro Eke, located in Flanders near Ghent, and a union representative lodge a complaint with the Federal Agency for the safety of the food chain, according to
Het Nieuwsblad

The fish sold on Makro Eke’s shelves is said to be kept in dangerous conditions, in faulty fridges. Rows of fresh shelves in the supermarket are also broken. In addition, the ambient temperature of the fish shop in general is too high. “It was nine degrees, now it’s twenty,” says an employee. In the cold room for the fish, it is normally so cold that the personnel have to wear thermal suits. Now they can wear normal clothes.

According to an employee, the fish is now also stored in a refrigerator in the meat department. This is a problem because in a fish cooler, the ice does not melt on the product. While in a meat fridge, all the ice melted the next morning.

“We constantly have to renew the ice and I closely monitor the temperature of the fish. I don’t want to sell people a spoiled product,” says an employee.

According to Katrien Degryse, the union representative, the staff fears that there could be cross-contamination between different products. He fears that food security is at risk and urgently calls for the situation to be checked.