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SummerSlam: Chaos and ring exploded between Lesnar and Reigns

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WARNING ! The following contains major spoilers for the WWE SummerSlam 2022 results.

The Main Event of this SummerSlam 2022, that’s it, here we are! Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar in a Last Man Standing Match, a fight announced as being the last between the 2 men. An enticing poster that gave us a memorable moment as soon as the fighters entered. Unusually, it was Reigns who entered the ring first, followed by a Lesnar in cowboy mode who arrived at the wheel of a tractor!

Once the tractor is at ringside, Lesnar jumps on the mechanical arm, stands in the dumpster and introduces himself before jumping on Reigns!

The fight is violent and intense, purely enjoyable. Lesnar passes through 2 tables, Reigns too. Lesnar throws Reigns into the dumpster of his tractor. He gets back behind the wheel, raises the mechanical arm and empties the dumpster into the ring. Reigns falls and stays on the ground. Dominating, Lesnar applies a guillotine on Reigns. The tribal chief seems stunned but ends up getting up.

Lesnar shifts into high gear. He gets back behind the wheel of his tractor and lifts the ring with the mechanical arm! Reigns falls heavily. The ring is completely twisted. Reigns gets up and the two men resume hostilities until both end up on the ground. This is the moment Theory chooses to cash-in his briefcase! Vince McMahon’s protege runs to the ring with a referee in his stride. He unleashes a huge briefcase punch in Reigns’ face… but Lesnar has had time to get up and deals him a devastating F5, Theory will remain knocked out until the end of the match! (it does not, however, formally have cash-in)

The game continues. The USOS intervene. Lesnar F5s Paul Heyman through the announce table. Reigns ends up sending a cruel blow of the belt in the face of Lesnar before covering him with debris and climbing to the top of the mountain of objects he has built. Reigns won!

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