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Summary of the interview for WoW Dragonflight on Dragonriding and the Drachtyrs

Dragonflight testing phases have begun. On this occasion, we participated in an interview with the developers. Here are the points to remember.

Dragonflightthe next expansion of World of Warcraftcontinues its test cycles before a release at the end of 2022. We were therefore able to ask a few questions about the Drachtyrs and Dragonridingthe two major new features of the extension.

Breakflip had the chance to participate in an interview Jake Miller and Graham Berger (Senior Game Designers). Here is the full transcript! We have also prepared a full transcript for you.

Summary interview for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight by Jake Miller and Graham Berger


  • Dragonriding can not be included for the time being in rest of azeroth because the environment is not at all made for this functionality.
  • Players will unlock several dragons during leveling. Jake Miller hasn’t indicated if more dragons are coming with the patches.
  • The races have two different difficulties. Find your own path or be the best on a pre-determined path. The development team is waiting for player feedback before knowing which is funnier between the two.
  • The point Blizzard wants to reach regarding theDragonriding balancing is to give enough complexity for players who want to invest in it without making it too complex for those who just want to wander around.
  • No ranking system for races is planned at this time.
  • According to player feedback on the use of the dragonriding in Open PvP, the team could evolve PvP with this feature.
  • There are slight hitbox differences between dragons. The team is trying to reduce these differences so that all dragons are viable to use.

The Dracthyrs

  • The way of moving Drachtyrs was inspired by Dragonriding.
  • The Dracthyrs can only have one Human/Elf Face because they are not dragons. They are creations Draconic made to fit in among mortals, built with Alexstrazsa’s example in mind.
  • Blizzard has no plans to change the 25 yard range of Drachtyrs Heals for the moment. They want the class to keep this particularity which is compensated by excellent mobility and huge group healing. Dungeon and raid design teams also keep this limitation in mind.
  • The ability toEmpower – make a skill more powerful by continuing to press the key – is for now exclusive to Drachtyrs. There are no plans to give it to other classes.

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Published on 09/20/2022 at 15:50

By Devorta