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Streaming: rising prices at Prime Video, Disney + and Netflix – Geeko

Subscriptions to streaming platforms saw their prices soar in 2022, with a record increase of +43% at Amazon.

Moviegoers have something to complain about. In 2022, the prices of subscriptions to streaming platforms literally skyrocketed. Amazon announced at the start of the school year an increase in its prices in most European territories. France and Belgium are among the countries where the subscription to the Prime Video service is undergoing the heaviest increase: +43% for the annual formula, which goes from 49 to 69.9€.

In 2021, Netflix had already announced a record price increase, increasing its Premium formula from €15.99 to €17.99/month. The cheapest subscription formula, at €7.99/month, was increased to €8.99/month. If no price increase has been announced in Belgium and France in 2022, the streaming service has already increased its prices in several countries this year, and in particular in Ireland. Once again, you have to reckon with an alarming price increase: +€1 for the essential formula (€9.99/month), +€2 for the Standard formula (€14.99/month) and +€3 for the Premium (€20.99/month). It is more than likely that this price increase will also be applied to us by the end of the year.

Same story at Disney, which also announced a spectacular price increase for its Disney + subscriptions: + 37% for the annual formula. The monthly plan goes from €8.99 to €11.99/month, i.e. a price increase of €3. However, Disney offers an “economical” alternative with a formula “with advertising” which will be billed at the old rate.

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