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Still no bonuses for electricity and gas on the bills: whose fault is it?

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The 196 euros in bonuses for gas and electricity that many Belgians should have received from this month of November have not been deducted from the installment invoices. According to the suppliers, the government did not provide them with the information necessary for the calculations in time. These bonuses will be paid but when?

A premium of €61 for electricity and another of €135 for gas should have appeared on the November 2022 bills. On September 16, the ministers proudly announced this agreement. “It was not necessary to wait because people today receive the high bills“, declared then Tinne Van Der Streaten, the federal Minister of Energy.

But a month and a half later, on the gas and electricity bills, no Belgian sees the bonus appear. Many people have also contacted us via the orange Alert button.

Why are you late?

This delay is not due to the suppliers but to the administrative slowness of the Belgian authorities. “We are waiting around November 10 for information from the federal authorities“, says Olivier Desclée, spokesperson for Electrabel.To find out which customers will automatically receive the bonus. From November 15, it can be deducted for gas and electricity in one go.

Depending on the supplier, the entry into force of this bonus will be in December or January. The effect will be retroactive but, until then, the total amount of the invoice will have to be advanced.