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Steve Jobs’ daughter mocks iPhone 14

Eve Jobs did not hesitate to tackle Tim Cook and his engineers after the announcement of the iPhone 14.

Even though it has already been 11 years since Steve Jobs died and Tim Cook took over as Apple CEO, the influence and shadow of the Apple co-founder continues to cast over Cupertino and Apple Park. . So, as soon as the new headed products are unveiled by the band at Tim Cook, eyes instantly turn to Steve Wozniak, Jobs’ accomplice and co-founder of the brand, but also to one of the Jobs children.

When the new iPhone 14s were announced, Eve Jobs, the youngest child of Steve and Laurene Powell Jobs, did not hesitate to openly mock the lack of innovation by Apple engineers. If the notch and many new features justify the purchase of the iPhone 14 Pro after the 13 Pro, the differences between the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 14 are not so obvious.

“Me upgrading from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 after today’s Apple announcement”, reads the meme she shared on her Instagram story. A small spade from the daughter of the man who revolutionized the tech industry and who did not hesitate to innovate between different generations.

It is clear that the differences between these two models are, as Eve Jobs regrets, very minimal. On Twitter, some Internet users do not hesitate to describe this new iPhone as “iPhone 13S”. We remember that a few years ago, the Apple passed to a new generation with this type of denominations when the novelties were not very numerous. Here, apart from a better camera, a better battery and the satellite connection, not sure that the iPhone 14, on its own, justifies a new purchase.

Credit: Instagram.

Born in 1998, Eve Jobs is the fourth and last child of the Jobs couple. Much more studious than her father (she studies at Stanford, Ed.), she is passionate about horses, horse racing and modeling. The media describe her in particular as a discreet girl, who does not spend her time displaying her incredible fortune on her social networks, where she is followed “only” by 420,000 subscribers.

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