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Step into the shoes of a college principal in Two Point Campus

Developed by Two Point Studios and published by Sega, the Two Point Campus video game is released on August 9, 2022 on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC. Good news for Xbox Game Pass owners, the game is available from the day of its release in the catalog.

Two Point Campus is reminiscent of the simulation and management games that made players happy in the 90s and which are becoming increasingly rare today. For five years now, the small British studio Two Point Studios has been bringing this genre up to date. In 2018, he launched Two Point Hospital, a spiritual successor to the classic Theme Hospital released in 1997. A success, full of humour!

When to manage a university campus

The developers have applied the same recipe and the same graphic paw to Two Point Campus. Except that this time, we are leaving the hospital environment for that of university campuses. Like any good management simulation, you have to build, develop, develop, satisfy, hire staff, earn money and spend it. It is also necessary to be attentive to the happiness and the needs of the teachers, the assistants but also to that of the students. The basic recipe of the game is also: educate, heal and expand. An entire program !

As a principal, you begin your career at a small, rural university that doesn’t have high expectations of you. And that’s good because it will allow you to learn the basics. But quickly, things will get tougher and your goals will be more and more complicated to achieve.

Each university will offer you different universes to explore. There is for example the School of Knight, that of the wizards, that which trains the secret agents or the future archaeologists. Beyond the training, it is also up to you to choose the layout of the exterior, the dormitories, the toilets and to choose the activities and services offered to the students. The only limit remains the purse strings, as always!

The ubiquitous humor

This was already the case with Two Point Hospital: humor is omnipresent in the game. With Two Point Campus, management is not daunting. Thus, we take pleasure in zooming in to observe the situations of everyday life on campus. Whether in the classrooms, in the library or in the toilets, there is always something going on! And if you find that it lacks a bit of atmosphere, there is always the voiceover that resonates in the halls of the university and will keep you company throughout your adventure.

Perfectly adapted to consoles

Very often, management game does not rhyme with home console. Well yes, it rhymes, but gamers who grew up in the 90s know that the best way to play a management game is on a PC with a keyboard and mouse. We always have some apprehension when playing such a console game. After the success of Two Point Hospital, however, we weren’t too worried. We quickly got the confirmation: although it takes a little time to adapt to effectively master the interface, Two Point Campus is perfectly suited to be played on a TV with a controller in your hands.

Our Verdict

By putting the player in the shoes of a university director, Two Point Campus offers an original experience. It is a management game that is rich, complete and accessible to all players. And above all, it’s his trademark, he never forgets to be fun!

Check out the launch trailer: