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Stark Varg will deliver his machines late


The Stark Varg will arrive at its first owners a little later than expected. The brand has just announced a delay of several months in the delivery of its first units.

Produced in Spain just next to Barcelona, ​​in a new factory that includes two production lines for batteries and an assembly line for machines, the Stark Varg are long overdue. Customers are getting impatient, so Anton Wass, the group’s CEO, gave them some explanations.

“We are doing everything we can to deliver the machines as soon as possible. I myself am impatient, while I understand that our customers are too and are frustrated to wait for their motorcycle longer than expected”, explains Wass. “But current issues around the world with supply chains and certain components are hitting us harder than we anticipated,” he acknowledges.

“We invite every customer to log on to to check the new delivery date for their machine,” Wass continues. “In the coming weeks, Stark sales support will contact each customer by telephone to inform them and clarify the delivery date of their motorcycle. We continue to work day and night no matter what to deliver a machine that will exceed your expectations.”

Presented to the press this summer (read our test), the Stark Varg certainly marks the entry into a new era for the electric off-road motorcycle.