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Star Wars: here is what became of these 5 characters of the saga after the end of the original trilogy

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Among the most popular film franchises in the world, Star Wars is probably at the top of the ranking, having allowed the introduction of characters now become cults. And among these characters, many are those who made their debut with the original trilogy. Some fans may then wonder what became of these characters at the time of the death of dark Vador and the fall of the Empire. Because although the postlogy revealed the future of many of them, they all had something to take care of between Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983) and Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015). Thanks to many canon works Star Wars, ranging from novels to comics, fans have access to extensive content filling the gap between Episodes VI and VII. Additionally, recent Disney+ series such as The Mandalorian, The Boba Fett Bookand soon Ahsoka, also reveal some of the events of this period. And today, we go back in more detail on what we know about the emblematic characters of the original trilogy, just before the events of the postlogy.

1) Luke Skywalker

At the end of the original trilogy, Luke Skywalker, protagonist of the saga Star Warsfinds himself with a new mission: build a new Jedi Order following the fall of the Empire. And to be able to build this new Order, Luke will need new recruits. The postlogy showed that he will become young Rey’s mentor, but before that, the Jedi took several other Padawans under his wing.. Recently, fans discovered with the series The Mandalorian that Luke trained Grogu for a time. But he also trained his twin sister, Leiaeven if the latter will end her training before the end.

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In order to re-establish the Jedi Order, Luke set out to train young Force-sensitive people to lead them to the light side, but he also embarked on a long journey across the galaxy. The latter’s main objective was to gather knowledge about the Jedi and their history., through the discovery of various artifacts and relics. Skywalker will thus begin to form a new generation of Jedi, in which we will notably find the young Ben Solo, his nephew.

2) Palpatine

This was one of the big reveals of the postlogy, namely that Emperor Palpatine, the main antagonist of the saga Star Warshad actually survived his supposed death in the Battle of Endor, at the end of the original trilogy. And the fact is that the Dark Lord of the Sith had not only survived the attack of his apprentice, Darth Vader, who had nevertheless managed to knock his master into one of the energy pits of the Death Star II, but we will also learn that almost everything that happened before and during the postlogy had been planned by the Emperor. Indeed, just before the decisive confrontation between Luke and his father, Palpatine had summoned his protege, Gallius Rex, asking him to prepare to apply the Contingency if he were to go missing.. The latter, prepared by the Emperor himself in the event of his eventual death, had the ultimate goal of destroying the Galactic Empire and rebuilding it little by little in the Unknown Regions, but even more powerful.

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And in the novel The Rise of Skywalker by Rae Carson, we discover how Palpatine managed to survive his “first” death, then using his powers to transport his spirit into the body of one of his clones provided for this purpose, on Exegol. The Sith will then remain hidden on this planet of the Unknown Regions, where he will notably manage to regain the ancestral Throne of the Sith from the Sith Citadel.thanks to the Eternal Sith, a sect of fanatics yearning for the rebirth of the Empire and the Sith Order.

3) Chewbacca

After the Battle of Endor, Chewbacca will join Han Solo and his fellow Rebels in the fight against the last remnants of the Empire. It was on this occasion that he and his group discovered the famous Opération Cendresone of the posthumous orders of the Emperor with the ambition to make several worlds uninhabitable by triggering a climatic disaster thanks to a network of climatic disturbances, with in particular Naboo among the targeted planets.

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And as co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon and friend of Han, Chewbacca will accompany the smuggler on his adventures, at least for a while. Because in the series of novels Response (OV: Aftermath), Chewbacca and Han will attempt to free Kashyyyk, the Wookiee’s home planet, from Empire control. And after the Wookies regain control of their planet, Chewie will part ways with Han and retire to his home for a few years., with his wife and son. And despite his peaceful retirement, Chewbacca will decide to join Han when the latter resumes his smuggling activities. Leading the duo to experience new adventures, including the flight of the Millennium Falcon.

4) R2-D2

The star droid of the saga Star Wars will accompany Luke Skywalker in his quest to rebuild the Jedi Order. He will therefore be at his side during the research carried out by Skywalker concerning Jedi artifacts and relics. We see it in particular in the series The Mandalorianwhen Luke meets Din Djarin and Grogu, but also in The Boba Fett Book.

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R2-D2 will therefore remain by Luke’s side as he builds the new Jedi Academy and begins training new apprentices. But shortly after the Ben Solo incident that led to Skywalker’s exile, the astromech droid will be forced into “sleep mode” in order to recover decades of uninterrupted operationhaving not operated at peak efficiency for several years prior.

5) Lando Calrissian

From his real name Landonis Balthazar Calrissian, Han Solo’s friend went from smuggler to General of the Rebel Alliance, becoming Baron Administrator of Cloud City. After having participated in the destruction of the second Death Star thanks to his piloting skills, he will also help to defeat Operation Ashes, and will also have to face a blockade in the Anoat sector, where finds the gas giant Bespin which houses the important mining complex called the City of Clouds.

And as the New Republic took hold, Calrissian decided to do the same and start a family. Unfortunately, Kadara, his daughter, will be kidnapped by the First Order as part of Project Resurrection.. A few years later, Lando and Luke will hunt for Ochi, the latter being in search of Sith relics on the planet Pasaana. It is on this planet that he will meet the Aki-Aki, and it is there that he will decide to stay, then living as a hermit, in the Forbidden Valley.

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