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Star Wars Andor: first feedback on Disney Plus! So what happens ?

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news culture Star Wars Andor: first feedback on Disney Plus! So what happens ?

Star Wars Andor is about to make its debut on Disney Plus very soon and inevitably, the general public is particularly curious about the result. This time, no lightsaber or Force, but rather a down-to-earth story with a guerrilla background.

Andor, I love

Among the many Star Wars projects, some have aroused great interest from viewers: the Rogue One spin-off, released in theaters in 2016, is very clearly one of them. With a darker tone and a real tragic story, the film caused a sensation, so much so that Disney has decided to give it a real prequel called Star Wars Andor.

This time, it is the format of the mini-series that is chosen and rightly so, since Disney Plus is now well deployed all over the world. This new adventure which will take Cassian Andor (still played by Diego Luna) as a central figure has therefore shown its first episodes to the press, which has been delivering its first opinions since last night. Overall, the feedback is therefore good, very good and points a real maturity, a fairly pronounced dark aspect and a construction that takes its time to build up pressure.

Feedback from the press

I am absolutely blown away by Andor’s audacity. It is often necessary to remind people that “Star Wars has always been political” to counter people who think otherwise. Well, this series really opposes people who think otherwise. It’s bold, timely, raw and extremely thoughtful. A powerful work.

I’ve only seen the first two episodes of ANDOR so far, but it’s a very cool and very different flavor of STAR WARS. I like this new point of view on this galaxy.

I saw the first 3 episodes of Andor and I say it with the greatest conviction: this will be the series that will bring me back to Star Wars. ANDOR introduces memorable new characters as well as an intriguing arc for Andor. And it really has something to tell! Episode 3 is spectacular.

If you love Rogue One for all the ways that made it atypical for a Star Wars movie, then you’ll probably love #Andor for many of the same reasons. It is a drama whose pressure rises slowly. Diego Luna is excellent and after the first four episodes I can’t wait to see where it goes next.

Now that the embargo on #Andor is lifted, I can say this is by far the most cinematic Star Wars show to date. The first three episodes should have been presented as one 90 minute episode. The breaks in between are very hit or miss – but it’s a great episode!

Andor is what Star Wars needed – a small taste of the storytelling potential of this highly contained, self-contained franchise. It unfolds like a chain of events that slowly builds up pressure. Only small point: there is an occasional shaky pace. Viewing the series remains a priority.

Apparently, it’s time for “we’re all going to talk about the very good surprise that Andor is”. Add me to the list: it’s rather a good spy thing with a film noir atmosphere. the opening sequence is really cool, with a dusty and dirty vibe.

I watched the first four episodes of #Andor! I’m definitely intrigued by the direction the story is taking and the 12 episode format really makes me want to know more. At the moment, there are great acting performances and slow construction that I can only wait for the sequel!

Andor is unlike any Star Wars story we’ve had before. Diego Luna is at the center of an amazing, dangerous and boiling world. It’s dusty, mature, and the smartest, richest story we’ve had to date. Tony Gilroy is a genius.

Andor reminds us that in a rebellion, EVERYONE MATTERS! We meet people at all levels of this galactic conflict, dealing with the disorder that puts an end to action and heroism. Maybe my new favorite series.

See you on September 21, 2022 on Disney Plus for the start of the broadcast.