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“Star Academy”: Who from Amisse, Ahcène or Julien was eliminated during this second bonus?

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A week after having put down their suitcases at the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, the 13 candidates of the “Star Academy” find themselves on the set of TF1 for the second telecrochet bonus. Elimination, the latter will see from one of the candidates who has least convinced the public and his comrades. Among the candidates in the hot seat this week are Amisse, Ahcène and Julien. While the latter will have to defend their place in the “Star Academy”, the ten others will have the opportunity to share duets with the guest artists, from Julien Clerc to Naps via Amir, Juliette Armanet, Adé or even the international star Lewis Capaldi.

For the first time, the thirteen candidates opened the festivities by singing their anthem, which is none other than “Don’t leave without me”, a famous song by Celine Dion remixed by Mosimann, a former star academician.

Promising candidate of this season, Anisha was chosen to sing “Someone you loved” alongside Lewis Capaldi. A recovery that has not gone unnoticed, neither on the bench of the jurors, nor on the Web where the young woman has been congratulated on several occasions. “I don’t have the words, it’s impressive, it’s beyond my dreams“, launches the candidate at the end of the performance. Her talent also impressed Lewis Capaldi himself. “She has an amazing voice and she’s a lovely young girl. She has a lot of talent“, declares the star In the process, Nikos Aliagas also announces that the candidate has largely stood out during the evaluations of this week. She finds herself first in class with a “17/20”, ahead of Chris, second in class with 15/20, and Louis, third with 14.8/20.

Chris then sets the stage on fire by resuming “Flame” alongside Juliette Armanet. This is followed by Ahcène, one of the nominees of the week, who tries to save her place by taking over Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, a piece suggested by Michael Goldman. On the whole, the opinions of the judges are rather positive. Michael Goldman and Adeline Toniutti welcome the progress of the candidate who, according to the jurors, had failed to open up sufficiently during his evaluation.

“You are the French Britney Spears”

Student who achieved the best performance in dance during the evaluation, Carla had the opportunity to present during the bonus a dance tableau imagined by Yanis Marshall. A choreography that the young woman had to do while singing Alizée’s hit “Me, Lolita”. The dance teacher does not hide his joy. “It was excellent!“, he said. “For me, you are the French Britney Spears!“Although she detected some false notes, Adeline Toniutti congratulates, for her part, the candidate for the”cardio“.

Léa, Anisha and Enola then shared a trio on Lady Gaga’s “I’ll never love again”. “I felt like Celine Dion“, launches Enola at the end of the service. “me beyonce“, continues Léa. But the young women are quickly reframed by Michael Goldman, director of the “Star Academy”.Cheer! But, we are not yet at the level of Celine Dion or Beyoncé! School is for that.

After performing “La kiffance” with Naps, Tiana and Cenzo give way to Amisse, another candidate in the hot seat. The candidate dressed in a red jacket tries to keep her place at the castle by resuming “Rolling in the deep”, a title with which Adèle was revealed to the general public. Unfortunately, reviews are mixed.

Special guest of this premium, Julien Clerc shared a medley of his most beautiful titles with Anisha, Louis and Paola. A performance that did not convince Michael Goldman. “It was uneven“, declares the latter before adding that he is “hard to exist next to the voice of Julien Clerc“. Stanilas, Cenzo and Chris then brought some positive energy back to the set with the cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling.”It rocks, it was the show!“, launches Yanis Marshall visibly won over by the performance of the three young men.

Last nominated candidate to appear on stage, Julien performs “Thinking out loud” by Ed Sheeran, a title that allowed him to show what he was capable of. “Julien’s problem is his ability to bare himself and I feel that there have been a lot of improvements“, notes the director.

Before voting time, Carla sings the song alongside Adé. Léa, meanwhile, shares the stage with Amir for the interpretation of “Retina”.

And the eliminated candidate is…

Shortly before midnight, the name of the first candidate eliminated from this new edition of the “Star Academy” is known. Saved by viewers, Julien retains his place in the adventure. The candidates then have the heavy task of voting for the one they want to see return to the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys. Faced with a tie, Julien, the last to come, was forced to make a choice and decided to vote for the return of Ahcène. Amisse is therefore eliminated.