You are currently viewing “Star Academy”: see the face of the very first student of the new season (video)

“Star Academy”: see the face of the very first student of the new season (video)

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The new version of the ” Star Academy “ fast approaching. After years of waiting, that’s it, the legendary tele-hook is about to make its big comeback on TF1. No launch date has been made official, but the show is expected to return this fall. We also don’t know who will make up the faculty for this new season. A few weeks ago, Le Parisien announced the son of Jean-Jacques Goldman, the music producer Michael Goldman, in the skin of the director of the castle. Information that has not yet been confirmed by TF1. For now, the only certainty is that of the name of the host: Nikos Aliagas, of course.

Likewise, on the casting side, nothing has been revealed… until Friday, September 16. Indeed, after the second series of ads for the “Dancing with the Stars” bonus, host Camille Combal appeared alongside Nikos. The presenter of the “Star Ac” then spoke in front of a Camille Combal falsely dumbfounded to see his colleague steal his job. In reality, Nikos had come to make a big announcement that no one expected. The host then went to a member of the public, who was none other than Enola… the very first student of the new season of “Star Academy”! The young woman was not at all aware of this well-crafted deception. While she had simply come to watch the live broadcast of “DALS”, Enola was taken to task by Nikos, in front of the cameras of TF1, to be told that she was soon going to join the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys. A huge surprise for the future academician, selected following a casting that attracted more than 20,000 applicants.

A sequence that we will certainly have the opportunity to see again during the broadcast of the portrait of Enola, during the first prime of the new “Star Ac”…