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Star Academy, Anicha and Lewis Capaldi, facing an odious rumor

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Lewis Capaldi distinguished himself this evening at Star Academy, on TF1, with a superb duet with Anicha. But their performance was marred by criticism.

Some claim that the 26-year-old Scottish singer was under the influence of drugs, when in reality he suffers from a disability.
Anicha’s partner indeed suffers from Tourette’s syndrome.

It is a neuropsychiatric disease with a genetic component characterized by involuntary, sudden, brief and intermittent tics, resulting in movements (motor tics) or vocalizations (sound tics).
His fans made it a point of honor to remember him on social networks.

“That we criticize singing, dancing, personality ok but before going too far, find out! No Lewis Capaldi is not high, he has Tourette syndrome! so I say 1000 times respect to this artist! “.
“Tonight I discover the tocs of Lewis Capaldi.

I have always had respect for atypical people”, “The old people who criticize Lewis Capaldi, no one rang you, you have to learn to live with the times”, “The disgusting comments on Lewis Capaldi. Take a look at Google before tweeting stupidly, it’s within everyone’s reach. “.