You are currently viewing Star Academy 2022: Julien tries to justify his choice to save Ahcène during the bonus, Léa disagrees with his comrade

Star Academy 2022: Julien tries to justify his choice to save Ahcène during the bonus, Léa disagrees with his comrade

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This Saturday was the second bonus of the new promotion of the star Academy at the end of which Amisse was the first eliminated from the program. This faced two other names: Ahcène and Julian. If Julien was saved from the start thanks to the votes of the public, the students had to decide between their classmates one by one, choosing which of the two they wanted to see stay in the adventure… A tough choice whose decisive word went to the named saved by the public who, because of the equality between Amisse and Ahcène, had in turn to give their opinion. While he refused this difficult choice, after several minutes, the young singer had to decide to stop the suspense and chose to save Ahcène.

Julien’s tough choice

After a difficult return to the castle, after having lost one of their comrades, the star academicians were entitled to the usual debrief alongside Laure Ballon, professor of scenic expression, who took charge of a review of their performance on stage on October 22. Adeline Toniutti gave them a new singing lessons somewhat tainted by a confrontation between the professor and the former named Julien. And after this spat, Julien wanted to make a point with the other students. “You all have a character that I like, you all bring something, even if I don’t say it. But we are in this class: she has a peach Adeline, it is obvious that she wants us to learn, but it “It’s just that sometimes I don’t understand, help me understand! It’s not mean, it’s just an observation”loose the young man.

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“I passed for the executioner”

“Since I had to make this shitty choice, I went for the executioner.“, says Julien. Before Paola tries to find out the reason for her choice to save Ahcène, rather than Amisse.”I know why, but I can’t say that“, he begins. Before saying a little more: “Ahcène, he no longer manages the live, Amisse she still has a lot to learn. In any case, I also reassured myself that Amisse fights for good. She has a job (she is a donor recruiter in the street, editor’s note.) where she takes it all in the face but she doesn’t give up, she fights for good, she fights for good“, hammers the student. “We’re on a show… I don’t even know how to explain it”, he interrupts himself. “I made the promise and I’m doing it again now: that you are my best friend, if he did a better performance, he’s the one I’ll choose, that’s the game, even if I love you dearly“, he explains. “Ah, you judge in relation to the performance?“, then asks Léa, who never stops talking about her. “It’s like that, we have to, it’s the game.“replies Julian. “No, me, no. I find that Amisse has seriously managed better than Ahcène“, loose the optician.” Vibe.

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