Stadia is ready to officially support 1440p resolution, but only for Pro users

GoogleStadia, Google’s cloud gaming platform, is about to get some exciting news: it’s 1440p resolution support, which will obviously go alongside 1080p and 4K. Like the latter, the 1440p resolution will also be reserved exclusively for users who have subscribed to a Stadia Pro subscription. In reality, Stadia already supported this resolution, but in a somewhat special way: to play in 1440p, you had to set the 4K resolution from the platform settings and play from a monitor with a resolution between 1080p and 4K . This way, Stadia would automatically set the resolution to 1440p. In recent months, references to this feature had been spotted in the code for the Android version of Stadia, but it now appears that the option is available directly from the service’s settings on the web. It’s been three years since Google announced new resolutions would be coming to Stadia in addition to 720p, 1080p, and 4K.

When trying to enable 1440p resolution, Google remembers that up to 14.4 GB of internet data per hour of play can be used, compared to 12.6 GB for 1080p or 20 GB for 4K streaming. At the moment, the option only seems to be available on the web version of Stadia, but it will probably be available on Android, Google TV, Chromecast and all other platforms soon as well. In the meantime, we remind you that the Party Stream function on Stadia was announced last month: in simple terms, it allows you to stream your game sessions within Stadia Parties. Each Party Stream supports up to 10 users in total.