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SSD: Samsung’s new generation SmartSSD is up to 50% faster

Samsung, the world’s largest memory chip maker, has just announced its second generation SmartSSD for servers and data centers. It promises a significant performance gain.

Credit: Samsung

After partnering with Xilinx to design the CSD in 2020, the first SSD equipped with a microprocessor, Samsung has finally introduced an even more powerful new generation. According to Samsung, its new SmartSSD will process data faster and reduce latency between SSD and CPU. This should prevent the CPU from interfering with the operating speed of the SmartSSD.

By using AMD’s Versal FPGA that it received when it acquired Xilinx, Samsung assures its customers that they will benefit from half the computation time and significantly lower power consumption. The second-generation Samsung SmartSSD is also designed with artificial intelligence capabilities to more seamlessly meet the data processing needs of today’s and tomorrow’s devices.

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Samsung’s new SmartSSD is much more capable than the current generation

The South Korean company claims that its new storage device reduces processing time by up to 50%, power consumption by up to 70%, and CPU utilization by up to 97% compared to regular SSDs. The latest AMD-Xilinx technology enables Samsung’s second-generation SmartSSD to process data independently, solving one of the most critical bottlenecks in HPC (High-Performance Computing): data flow. data between the different components.

The SSD’s onboard cores therefore make it possible to reduce data latency by reducing the number of packets that travel between your storage drive and your processor. All relatively simple data processing using simple and very repetitive filtering, compression or format conversion operations can therefore now be performed on this SSD thanks to its dedicated processor. It means that your machine’s main processor is free for other more important tasks.

The first generation SmartSSD was already used by customers including global video streaming services. He had been named Innovation Awards Honoree at CES 2021 for its exceptional performance and energy efficiency, and we imagine that most customers will update their servers with this new generation even more interesting.

Source: Samsung