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Squeezie: an extra from his latest video is accused of rape, the youtubeur reacts

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Youtuber Squeezie recently found himself at the center of an unexpected controversy. Indeed, the web artist recently released a brand new video titled “The World’s Biggest Where’s Waldo”. At the end of the video, we can see a man asking a woman to marry him. Except that the man in question was immediately accused of rape by several women. The youtubeur then reacted.

The biggest Where’s Wally in the world

On August 30, Squeezie released their latest video : the second episode of The largest Where’s Waldo in the world. Posted on his YouTube channel, the video brought together distinguished guests: Maskey, Inoxtag and Michou. The purpose of the video is to find the three youtubers among a crowd of extras.

The video ends with the surprise marriage proposal of two extras. A certain Mounir and his companion Indra. Except that the appearance of this man aroused strong reactions from some of the Squeezie netizens. In effect, several women accused Mounir of rape and sexual assault.

A case that made Squeezie react

About ten victims are concerned. Many viewers reacted on Twitter with messages like “He destroyed my life and that of a dozen women”. Accusations against this man dating back several years have also resurfaced. Faced with these chilling testimonies, Squeezie obviously reacted and decided to delete the sequence concerning Mounir from his video. He accompanied his reaction with a message posted on his Twitter account where he obviously supports the victims of this Mounir. He then explains that he decided with his team to censor this man by deleting the passages concerning him from his video. For now, it is not yet known what these accusations will lead tobut we necessarily hope that these victims will obtain justice.

September 1, 2022