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Spotify kills its Car Thing, but no one will regret it

Spotify decides to stop marketing its Car Thing, its music streaming screen to take advantage of the service in the car. A very short marketing since the product was available only last February. No one (or almost) will regret the Car Thing and that’s precisely why Spotify wants to kill it.

Source: Spotify

We’ve been hearing about the Car Thing since 2019, this little accessory that allows you to enjoy Spotify in the car when you don’t have a dedicated system. Finally launched last February, Spotify announces the end of production of its first hardware product.

Spotify halts fees and halts production of the Car Thing

In its latest half-year results, Spotify spoke of an increase in its active users and subscribers. But the company also reduced its profits over this period, which were “ negatively affected by our decision to stop manufacturing Car Thing “. She says she spent 31.4 million dollars (31 million euros) to stop production of her audio device.

Source: Spotify

A Spotify spokesperson toldTechCrunchthat “the goal of Spotify’s exploration of Car Thing was to better understand in-car listening and bring audio to more users and vehicles“. He explains that the company chose to stop the charges “based on multiple factors, including product demand and supply chain issues“. Fortunately for the few (rare) people who have purchased a Car Thing or are about to purchase one, it will continue to function properly.

Spotify is selling off its Car Thing to sell off stocks

The Car Thing is available to Spotify Premium subscribers and had been selling since its release for $89.99. Spotify has decided to sell it off to sell off stocks as quickly as possible and avoid further costs. It can be found on the Spotify site for $49.99 right now.

By trying to take a step back, one can actually doubt the usefulness and interest of the product. In our cars today, we often find functions such as Android Auto or Apple CarPlay that allow us to use a music streaming service. However, it must be recognized that the Car Thing can be useful in models that do not have such systems.

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