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Spectacular scene at the Spar store: ‘It’s their fault!’

A police car drove into a Spar store to avoid a head-on collision with another vehicle. His race stopped a few centimeters from a woman, who was able to move away in time.

Footage of the crash has been released and shows a car which had already started to turn right into the supermarket car park, onto the oncoming lane, as police approached at high speed.

>> To see the video, click here.

Internet users have since been divided as to who is really responsible for the accident. “He had a choice between hitting the red car in the middle of the road or the store,” one person wrote. “It’s entirely the fault of the person who cut the road”, comments another, in the same direction.

Others believe that the police are at fault. “It’s obviously the fault of the police. They should always anticipate the dangers”, judge a user. “The cop doesn’t know how to drive,” says another. In any case, no injuries are to be deplored after the accident.