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Spain’s Letizia splits with her low-cost Zara summer dress

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People and royalty

The 49-year-old queen has come under fire.

It is far from unanimous. For once, Queen Letizia of Spain, considered one of the best-dressed royals, was reprimanded for an outfit.

“Totally inappropriate”

The wife of King Felipe VI is currently enjoying the summer in Mallorca with the rest of her family. The former journalist recently made a publicized outing with her two daughters, Princesses Leonor and Sofia de Bourbon, and her mother-in-law, Sophie of Greece. The blue blood quartet obviously caused a stir. Letizia had opted for a short summer dress signed Zara, ready-to-wear brand where she will pick from time to time. The pink piece with a psychedelic pattern (and priced at 39.99 euros) revealed her chiseled and tanned legs to perfection. And it wasn’t to everyone’s taste. “She wanted to prove something?” She wanted to show Sophie that she’s still young and cool? Totally inappropriate”, in particular plagued the presenter Carmen Lomana on Twitter. Others hailed this flattering choice for the 49-year-old sovereign.