Space exploration: man will (re)walk on the Moon

A first major step in the Artemis program should be completed on August 29 with the sending of a module to our natural satellite. What to test the equipment that will allow us to make a success of our appointment with the Moon in 2025 if all goes well.

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SIf the weather permits, it is this Monday August 29 at 8:33 a.m. local time (2:33 p.m. in Brussels) that a gigantic rocket will take off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to take man to the Moon. For the occasion, it will still only be a flight manned by three models – a “man” and two “women”. But the Artemis program, of which this is the first stage, must lead to a new human moon landing. It will be Artemis 3, at the end of 2025. In the meantime, in 2024, Artemis 2 will carry many human astronauts, but these will remain in orbit of our satellite.

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