You are currently viewing Sophie Davant very contemptuous live, a fan is loose on the star!

Sophie Davant very contemptuous live, a fan is loose on the star!

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She would like to take part in the filming of Sophie Davant’s show. But on the spot, his fan is disappointed! Between the 2 women, the cloth burns!

Is Sophie Davant an angel or a demon?

What an emotion to see his images again! We attend one of the first performances by Sophie Davant. Although she seems overwhelmed with stage fright, she tries to remain professional.

As a result, nearly three decades later, viewers still love it. Who would have thought that she would then present the weather show, then successful programs?

Sophie Davant was very lucky because she came across the road of mentors who taught him everything. Here, It’s mom who made it to a moved thought for Roger Zabel. But also, and above all, to the charismatic William Leymergie.

Lately, rumors say that Cupid turned their beautiful friendship into love. Whether this is true or not, we only wish him happiness!

Moreover, after a well-deserved vacation, Sophie Davant has just returned to the plateau. And for the first issue of Affaire concluded, nothing will happen as planned!

A turbulent start to the year

On social networks, Sophie Davant reveals a tiny part of his daily life. Of course, his walks by the sea managed to soothe his torments. This year, the mourning of his best four-legged friend has been complicated to manage.

Known to the entire technical team, his dog was still waiting for him in his dressing room. After a few weeks of contemplation and reflection, Sophie Davant finally adopted another animal. Hopefully he will be able to pick up the pieces of his shattered soul.

A few days ago, the mother of Nicolas and Valentin announced excellent news. Traveling to Lyon, she hosted a special episode of Affaire concluded. After fairground arts and vintage, what will be the theme on France 2? Don’t count on her to tell us!

A little suspense is always appreciated! Soon to air in prime time, It was mom who made it can’t wait to discover the images.

A meeting at the top

Reading the comments on this post, Sophie Davant went from laughter to tears. Indeed, she would never have imagined that one of her followers would dare to spoil the mood. It only takes one sentence for the followers to understand how much the total indifference of the latter weighed in the balance.

sophie davant companion

I saw you yesterday at the Puces du Canal in Villeurbanne, I won’t say anything more about you. On the other hand, his colleagues in the auction room took the lead with the curious. By meeting the public, they warm up this slightly chilly atmosphere. As for Caroline Margeridon, it’s another story.

Sophie Davant persists

Rumors point to a rivalry between the two women. But according to this assiduous spectator, the ex of Pierre Sled should take an example from her. I had already shared a moment with her at the Biron Market in Saint-Ouen (my husband is an antique dealer).

I can confirm that she is adorable, accessible and so bubbly! Stung to the quick, Sophie Davant wanted to respond personally to her detractor. We were filming a show! I was focused on my work, sorry, but it happens!

Sophie Davant

Visibly exasperated by this kind of unconstructive criticism, she recently underlined this paradox in the columns of Télé Star. How can anyone find me haughty when I have given voice to anonymous people and brought them to light for so many years?

To conclude, she summarizes her vision of the PAF. To welcome is to give a soul. Colorless and odorless animators have already been forgotten.