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Sony unveils a PlayStation mobile controller of questionable value, for the moment

Sony has teamed up with Backbone to unveil a PlayStation edition Backbone One mobile controller

Source: Backbone

Mobile controllers are in vogue and especially convenient for cloud gaming services. Sony has, in a way, unveiled its first controller of this type. It is in fact an association with the specialist Backbone.

The Backbone PlayStation Edition for iPhone

The Backbone One controller quickly earned a reputation as the best controller available, especially for iPhone. It is a controller with the same spirit as the Razer Kishi and allows a smartphone to take over the ergonomics of a Nintendo Switch.

The controller separates into two parts to frame the smartphone. The weight distribution is done between the two hands and the screen remains at the center of the experience.

Backbone One PlayStation Edition rating
Source: Backbone

The controller connects directly to the iPhone through the Lightning port, which takes Bluetooth latency out of the equation.

Here, the partnership with PlayStation allows Backbone to take up the design codes of the DualSense controller of the PS5 with this mix of white and matte black. Above all, the generic A, B, X and Y buttons are replaced by the well-known cross, round, square and triangle buttons.

Backbone One PlayStation Edition ports
Source: Backbone

It should be noted that Backbone did not go so far as to change the ergonomics of its controller in depth to match the PlayStation spirit. We therefore keep the asymmetrical sticks of the Xbox ecosystem.

A controller of limited interest

But what can a PlayStation controller for smartphone be used for? Backbone and Sony highlight the use of Remote Play. That is to say the possibility of remote access to his PlayStation on his smartphone. However, the official app leaves something to be desired.

On Android, there is the PSPlay app as an alternative, but it is not available on iOS at the moment.

What is needed above all is access to PlayStation’s cloud gaming service on mobile. Unfortunately, the PlayStation Plus Premium is only available on Windows PC and PlayStation console. To be accessible on mobile, Sony would need to develop a web version of its service as it exists for competitors GeForce Now or Xbox. We hope that the service will arrive soon on iPhone and Android. Perhaps development has fallen a bit behind on that front.

As it stands, the use that becomes the most obvious becomes the one that Sony will never put forward: the emulation of old PlayStation consoles. This allows you to find the iconic controller of the console under your fingers.

The Backbone One PlayStation Edition controller is available now from 119.99 euros including tax in France. Three months of Discord Nitro and one month of Apple Arcade are offered with any purchase of the controller. Note that the classic version of the controller, without PlayStation, is sold at the same price and adds a month of trial to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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