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Sony reduces the weight of the PS5 after increasing the price of the console

PARIS, August 31 (Benin News/EP) –

sony has reduced the weight of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) after increasing the price of both versions of its next-gen console by 50 euros due to the increased weight of the PS5. “high global inflation rates”.

The Japanese company clarified a few days ago that its game consoles will be more expensive in five selected markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Canada. However, it exempted the United States from the price increase for both versions of its PS5, with and without a Blu-ray player.

Today, the specialized media Press Start announced the arrival of a lighter PS5 model, according to the technical sheets of the console to which it had access, just a few days after Sony unveiled the new prices of its devices. .

The model in question is the CFI-1200which Japanese retailers were to start receiving from September 15, according to the portal. But in the end, Australia will be the first country to receive it.

This model is in turn divided into two: the CFI-1202B which refers to the digital version of the game console (PS5 Digital Edition), and the CFI-1202A which refers to one that includes a reader.

The main difference between the two models and the previous ones is the weight. In this sense, this media recalls that the PS5 received in 2021 a light version for its two versions which… reduced the weight of both versions by 300 grams.3.6 kilos for the digital version and 4.2 kilos for the one with the integrated player.

Following this new revision, the weight of the standard PS5 is now 200 grams lighter, at 3.4 kilos. The disc drive version is now 300 grams lighter, at 3.9 kilograms.

This weight reduction may imply that Sony has modified certain components of the two versions of its console, which are still unknown. For example, in 2021, both new models have made changes to their heatsink.