Sony quietly launches a new version of the PS5 that continues to lose weight – Newsmonkey

Sony has quietly launched a new PS5 model in Australia. This is the third PS5 model to appear on the market since its release in 2020. Few big changes to note except for a significant weight loss, which is not to displease players.

Sony has therefore launched a third model of its PS5 in Australia according to Press Start. Two new models are now on the market in this region of the world: a new classic AND digital version.

These new models are not really going to change the life of the players since the main changes concern in fact the production of the consoles. The changes are internal to the console and allow, in fact, to considerably reduce the weight of a very bulky and above all very heavy console.

For a few hundred grams

With each new PS5 model, Sony seems to make a point of reducing the weight of its new flagship console. To give you a concrete idea, the new classic version of the PS5 now weighs as much as the very first digital version released in 2020. In numbers, the new classic version now weighs 3.9 kilos instead of 4.5 kilos when it was initially released. The digital version of 2022, it, drops to 3.4 kilos instead of 3.9 in 2020.

At this time, it is difficult to determine the precise changes that have enabled such weight loss. In 2021, Sony had modified the heat sink to lose 300 grams. Specialists will have to completely dismantle the new model to discover the reasons for such a loss of weight.

Unfortunately, the weight loss does not lead to a drop in price. On the contrary, the PS5 has not escaped inflation and its price has soared in recent days.