You are currently viewing ‘Something in her died when he left’: Did Queen Elizabeth die of a broken heart?

‘Something in her died when he left’: Did Queen Elizabeth die of a broken heart?

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Queen Elizabeth II passed away at the age of 96 on September 8. The causes of his death have not been disclosed to the general public. But Katie NIcholl, royal expert, has her hypothesis on the subject…

Queen Elizabeth had been weakened for several months: she had left London last July to take refuge in her second home at Balmoral in Scotland. On September 8, the unthinkable happens, the sovereign dies, just a few hours after revealing that the monarch was in a “worrying” state.

Several hypotheses put forward

If it was said in the official press release that the mother of King Charles III had passed away peacefully, the causes of her death were not however mentioned. What arouse the curiosity of the public.

On the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”, Bertrand Deckers, a specialist in royalty, had affirmed, the evening of his death, that the queen would have suffered a stroke. According to him, the grandmother of William and Harry would have been placed under “respiratory support”. “I think I was, at that time, one of the first informed. In London, we already knew that we were going towards this inevitable end”he explained, moved.

Two days later in “Le Parisien”, doctor Christophe Trivalle, geriatrician in Val-de-Marne, had delivered his own hypothesis as to this most brutal disappearance, believing that the fact was not uncommon in the elderly. .

Died of heartbreak?

But for the royal expert Katie Nicholl, it would be a completely different reason. It was during an interview for the program “Entertainment Tonight” that the expert delivered her analysis: “I think she finally died from being heartbroken, really“, said Katie Nicholl. “She was never the same after Philip left. They have been together for 74 years. He was, she said, his strength and support. He supported her in everything she did in life. I think it’s fair to say she wouldn’t have been the Queen she was without Philip’s support, and I think something about her died when he left.” she then elaborated.

She held on as long as she could. It has played its constitutional role. She swore in her new Prime Minister. She made sure to leave everything in order. But I think that in the end, she just wanted to be back with him,” she said, believing that the double rainbow over Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle was the perfect symbol of their reunion.

According to Katie Nicholl, the queen had not wanted her husband to precede her in the family vault, where they now live with her parents and her sister, Princess Margaret. “She knew she wouldn’t be long, and she wanted this last trip to be with Phillip by her side.“, she concluded.

After 17 months of separation, Elizabeth and Philip are now reunited and rest together for eternity.