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‘Some people can’t even afford dinner’: UK shock at cost of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

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Like many countries, the United Kingdom is in the midst of a crisis following, in particular, the coronavirus and the war in Ukraine. Citizens are struggling to pay their bills and recent political twists and the death of Queen Elizabeth have done nothing to help British morale.

What then of the revelations concerning the cost of the funeral of the one who reigned over the country for more than 70 years? Indeed, according to Europe 1, the authorities will pay a total of… 35 million euros for the funeral. A huge sum that is difficult to understand for many Britons who are in financial difficulty and who are waiting for help from the authorities.

“Of course a death is tragic, but hey, some people can’t even buy dinner, so all this money spent…”, declared a citizen to Europe 1. “I think it’s ridiculous to spend all that money on someone who’s dead. Of course it’s sad, but it’s also sad to see poor, dying or sick people,” said another.

While some people understand that such amounts are invested to pay tribute to one of the greatest ladies in the history of the country, others would have preferred that this money be redistributed to support families in need.

In London, the popular parade is nearing its end, the official delegations are flocking: there are only a few hours left for the public to hope to gather at the coffin of Queen Elizabeth on Sunday, before the state funeral on Monday in the presence of leaders of the whole world.