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Sofia Essaïdi joins the band of the “Bazar de la Charité” in “Les Combattantes”

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We take the same and start again. Well almost. After the success of Charity Bazaardirector Alexandre Laurent brings together Audrey Fleurot, Camille Lou and Julie de Bona for a second time for a new historical series. The Fighters, this Tuesday on La Une, however, is not inspired by the fire of the charity sale that took place in 1897 in Paris. She immerses us, a few years later, in the middle of the First World War, and invites us to follow the journey of four women with diverse backgrounds. There is Marguerite (Audrey Fleurot), a prostitute from Paris who, for still unclear reasons, gets hired in a rural brothel to be closer to the front. There is Agnès (Julie de Bona), mother superior of the Saint-Paulin convent whose war will push her to question her faith and her beliefs. There’s Suzanne (Camille Lou), a young nurse pursued by the police who can’t help but come to the aid of the wounded at the Saint-Paulin military hospital as she tries to flee France. And, finally, there is Caroline (Sofia Essaïdi), the wife of a wealthy industrialist who is led to take over control of the family factory when her husband leaves for the front.

In an interview with TF1Sofia Essaïdi explains that she had no trouble fitting in with the team, which had known each other since filming the Charity Bazaar. “Everyone welcomed me so well that I immediately felt at ease“, explains the actress who was attracted to this project for several reasons. “First of all, I loved the idea of ​​taking part in a period film. I had wanted to for a long time without ever having had the opportunity. Then, talking about the role of women during the First World War seemed very interesting to me. We talk a lot about men and that’s completely normal. But the women had to work overnight and held the country together during the war. Some faced important responsibilities before being sent back to their stoves once peace returned. I was happy to be part of a popular series about the emancipation of women during the First World War and which would help to bring this part of history to young people.

To soak up the atmosphere of the time, Sofia Essaïdi did a lot of research upstream. “We had to capture an atmosphere, an energy, understand how people functioned at that time, the codes established in bourgeois society… It was by looking for films about this period that I realized how the place of women had been little exploited in action. To find out more on the subject, I was particularly interested in several articles which evoked their role during the war“says the actress whose costumes also made her acting easier.”If only the corset that I wore during the whole shoot and which brings a certain postureshe explains. Dresses, rather close to the body, sometimes with petticoats, also limit movement. In the end, we don’t need to project ourselves much. There is a real playful side to this kind of filming, we find our child’s soul when we dress up for fun.”