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Slimane, single dad? “My daughter’s story belongs to my daughter”

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This Saturday, July 30, Slimane confided in his paternity in an interview with Télé-Loisir. If he is usually very discreet about his love life, he revealed to be especially crazy about his daughter, Esmeralda: “ACurrently, I am completely in love with my daughter. I also dedicate a song to him, Thousands of I love you… And thousands are not enough, I should have written millions!“He also gave his vision of love:”When I see my parents who have been together for 35 years and who love each other as if they were 15, I have the example in front of my eyes that love can last. But I belong to a generation where it’s easier to leave each other, you project yourself less.

A new role of dad that fills him

Becoming a dad does not prevent him from exercising his profession as a singer. “When she goes to school, I will no longer go on the roads like I do today. For now, I’m taking it with me. With Vitaa who has three children, the tour takes on the appearance of a nursery!“, he evokes. This new role is even a source of inspiration for him: “I am totally amazed. Looking at a baby, you learn a lot about the world. I’ve been afraid of losing her since I became a dad. I understood the word ‘fear’ while having a child. Before, I was not afraid of death. Today, I ask myself questions. I think about her more than me.

Single dad? He answers

The singer prefers to remain silent on the subject. He replied to the reporter: “Sorry, I prefer not to answer. My daughter’s story belongs to my daughter.“So the mystery remains.