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Slimane shares an adorable photo of his daughter

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Slimane does not really pour out his private life. But if there’s one thing he’s truly proud of, it’s his daughter, Esmeralda. It is therefore regularly that her baby has the honors of her Instagram account. On the other hand, he systematically takes care to hide or blur the face of his child in order to keep her anonymous. But the sweet dad he is can’t help but share his happiness with his followers. This is how he has just posted Esmeralda in story. We see the little girl playing with what appears to be a pacifier clip. She is wearing a pink bodysuit and she is lying in her bed with a stuffed animal and a toy. As with each of his appearances, his face is not visible. This time it’s hidden by a huge smiling emoji and heart-shaped eyes and the caption doesn’t say much more since the singer just writes “Hello”.

Slimane’s daughter will also be one of the major subjects of his next album, “Chronique d’un Cupidon” which will be released on September 2. In an interview given to RTL, he had indeed confided that the love he had for Esmeralda had inspired him enormously for his new songs and that he had written several for her, including “one in particular, which is called ‘Thousands of I love you’, which is totally for her”.

In the program “50′ Inside” on TF1he also said that his life had completely changed since the birth of his baby.

“What I have been looking for all my life, fatherhood has brought it to me. I believe that I had too much love in me and suddenly it could finally come out for good reasons.”

We can’t wait to hear that on his next album and, luckily, we won’t have much to wait for!