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Skyrocketing prices: should energy be nationalized in Belgium?

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This week, the Podcast “Déclic – Le Tournant” questions the reasons that led to the energy crisis we are experiencing. Based in particular on a major interview with Jean-Pierre Hansen, ex-boss of Engie Electrabel, the program provides keys to understanding the crisis we are experiencing.

For Jean-Pierre Hansen, there is, at the origin of this crisis, a double error of the Europeans. “First, the naivety of having entrusted a large part of their gas supply to Russia. However, we know that those who hold the energy weapon, in the event of tension, always use it, which Vladimir Putin does not hesitate to do at the moment.

Naivety… and blindness

“But there is also blindness”, adds the former boss of the largest Belgian energy group. “For 20 years, a whole series of actors and specialists in the sector have been saying that entrusting all energy to the pure laws of the market does not hold water. Yet so far the commission has never departed from its line Only the last declarations of Madame von der Leyen show that this dogma may finally be changing”.

Should we nationalize?

Should energy then be nationalized? Jean-Pierre Hansen believes that we should not necessarily go that far. But he pleads for strong regulation: “In Belgium electricity has never been nationalized. The companies were under private law but they were regulated… with very clear methodologies and very specific bodies that regulated their income. With the objective that they can earn enough to appeal to the capital market, including international ones. Point. No less but no more. And that is not a system of nationalization, it is a system of regulation“.

Discover the full interview with Jean-Pierre Hansen, in this episode of your new PODCAST “Déclic – Le Tournant” which wants to feed the societal debate on the many societal shifts that are looming before us. Understand in order to act.