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Skoda has an electric Octavia in its boxes

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To be able to stay in the range, Skoda’s bestseller will necessarily have to go electric. But not before the end of the decade.

Skoda has already formalized three plans for new electric vehicles, which are to be launched by 2026. There is a city car, a compact SUV and a large 7-seater family SUV, the latter of which was foreshadowed by the Vision 7S concept.

But other vehicles are in the pipeline. Skoda must complete this offer to cover all the segments it currently occupies, with a view to a total ban on combustion in Europe from 2035. With Autocar, Klaus Zellmer, the brand’s boss, thus mentioned the study of a new electric Octavia.

The transition to the all-electric wagon will not be rushed, because Skoda is playing big. SUVs may be in fashion, but the Czech firm’s bestseller is still the Octavia (it sold 61,000 in the first half of 2022, compared to 50,600 Kodiaq). Klaus Zellmer points out that many customers are loyal to this model, especially to its station wagon version, so he does not intend to rush them!

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The current generation of the Octavia was launched in 2020. Skoda has already announced that it will be refreshed in 2024. Its career should therefore end around 2028. At that time, a new combustion/hybrid Octavia could see the light of day, particularly for markets outside Europe. Next to it, the brand could thus offer a specific electric model.

This could adopt the new electrical base that the group is developing for almost all of its connected models, the SSP, which will notably take over from the MEB. However, this has not already been forgotten, it will be used by future electric SUVs, which will be entitled to a new 89 kWh battery, with a range of more than 600 km.