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Sire Denathrius and Guff tell us about the upcoming balance patch

Tuesday evening, the Game Designer of the game, Aleco Gereco announced the arrival of a patch for next weekend. Obviously, the information was relayed by all the media covering Hearthstone news, giving us an appointment later to discover the content of this patch.

But the community is not fooled, and without even waiting for the announcement regarding the content of this patch, some cards have already started circulating as deserving of a small adjustment. Among the most named, we find a card that many have been asking for the nerf for a while: Guff Wildheart. Alongside it, the signature card from the Castle Nathria expansion, Sire Denathrius is another card players seem to want to bring back into line with this patch.

Although seeing the effectiveness of these two cards, it’s hard to blame the players, we still wanted to meet these two dominant players in the current metagame.

In this new interview, den was able to discuss their impact on the current metagame, their concerns about a potential nerf, and their future if they were to lose power within a week.

Hello and thank you for taking the time to answer us, I imagine that you are very busy at the start of the September season. What is your state of mind regarding this upcoming patch?

Sir Denathrius : Quite frankly, I’m quite calm. I am the figure from the last expansion and a neutral card. Historically, these are two factors that make me less likely to be hit than a class card that has been dominant for a long time and is the figurehead of its class.

Guff : You can tell right away that you think it’s for me this time!

Denathrius : I did not say anything about that, I simply give facts which make me have little reason to worry compared to others.

Guff : So I should worry, right? I remind you that we are there together in the deck of Malfurion, If I fall, you will fall with me!

Denathrius : Well, you will have understood it, Guff is a little more on the nerves lately… He is convinced that he will not avoid a new wave of nerves. At the same time when you are the card with the highest win rate in the game when drawn.

Guff : But of course I’m going to go there! Malfurion, he doesn’t listen when he’s told to lay low! I told him after the Celestial Alignment nerf, to take the time, not to become one of the best decks right away, to pretend that it made a difference.*

Did he listen to me? No way ! “If you don’t want to come on turn 3, I can play Nourish, you know”, isn’t that druidic impertinence? We can clearly see that it is not he who goes over the billiards when there are nerves.

Denathrius : He still made an effort, he’s been using Beast Druid a lot more lately.

Guff : In ladder yes, the deck goes faster so it’s nicer when you want to quickly climb the ranks. But you’re not the one who gets woken up in the middle of the night when there are tournaments.

Did you watch the last Grandmasters League? Only one Beast Druid there was. Again, I said to him: “Malfu, it will be seen, we will end up pinching ourselves”. He replied not to worry and that everyone was only looking at the ladder anyway. And then, as long as the tournaments were on Youtube, nobody would pay attention to the decks that are played.

Denathrius : It must be said that you haven’t been very discreet since December. Even after a rotation or an extension, you were heard from as if nothing had changed. And for the news to reach Castle Nathria, it has to travel a hell of a lot.

Guff : We had a plan, everything was going smoothly, we even managed to accuse the Celestial Alignment! We had to lay low for a while, and then we would come back quietly after the mini-set, once people thought the new cards had had an impact. Inevitably, if after 25 minutes after the patch, you are already at 18 mana and sending battle cries at 42 points of damage, it’s shredded for discretion!

Denathrius : Whose fault is it at 18 mana huh?!

Guff : But mana is subjective, it depends on how you use it!

Denathrius : When I see Onyxia, Topior and the equivalent of two football teams of whelps sweeping over the opponent, I don’t really see what’s subjective in that…

Guff : You don’t have to follow them and inflict the equivalent of two heroes with the bonus of Prince Rénathal as a bonus the next turn!

Denathrius : Yes, well, it’s still thanks to you that we can do all this… you’re a sort of organizer of events for us, the other cards in the deck.

Guff : When the event organizer is nerfed, you won’t complain that you can’t be played with Onyxia anymore.

Denathrius : It’s true that for Onyxia, it would be a hard blow… I can always make a phone call to Jaina or Thrall if necessary.

Guff : I see that we didn’t take long to prepare for his retraining, great team spirit at the Venthyr!

Denathrius : With Rénathal, we have always supported you, I’ll let you know! It’s also thanks to us that it holds up against aggressive decks, your little Malfurion.

It’s still not my fault that you’ve dominated all metagames since you joined Malfurion. Even now, with the Aggro Beast version tearing you down and Valeera largely favoring your one-on-one, Druid Ramp continues to be the most popular deck in the game. measure, admit it.

Guff : So for you, it’s signed, I’m going to the operating table next week?

Denathrius : Are you so scared to cost 6 mana points? You said it yourself, Malfurion will always play Nourish, you’ll just come a little later in the game.

Guff : Do you really think that a point of mana will not change anything? Look at the impact it had on Cariel…

Denathrius : Believe me good Guff, if Cariel was a Druid card, Malfurion would play it even at nine mana. She would be there, with us, wondering what is going to fall on her head.

Guff : You really think ?

Denathrius : But of course ! He has resources, your colt. You have to change your mind, you worry too much about this patch.

Guff : You may be right… Thank you my friend. Do you have any other questions for us?

I had some, but I have the impression that you have already covered the subject well, thank you very much. A word of conclusion perhaps?

Denathrius: I know they mentioned neutral cards in nerfs, so that’s what I’m thinking of. But a game that we like to play with Guff is to imagine which cards are going to be changed when they do not expect it. For my part, I put a small coin on Theotar, who is even more frustrating and popular than me if we believe the rumors. Besides, what am I traveling because of him, it’s exhausting, it wouldn’t hurt me to see him less.

Guff : Let’s say I’m still trying to reassure myself, but I think they should worry a little about the Mages and Rogues side. Whether it’s Varden, Van Cleef, or even Balinda, I feel like while everyone expects it to hit hard in Malfurion, I can see some mana costs going up in those classes as well. And they won’t have Nourish to compensate, if you know what I mean.